On this server, players can come together to form Nations. At this time it's mostly just something to do for fun, PvP, or RP, but it's also a great responsibility that warrents certain privileges otherwise unavailable to players. Anyone can make any kind of nation they want so long as they follow the rules. If you need help making a wiki for a nation, go here and use the template.

1.8.6 Map: Alpha's Realm (Current)

Sovereign Nations

Proper nations recognized by the administration possessing a population that's over the minima, and that abide by international law.

Dead Nations and Unions

1.9.0 Map: Omega (Current)

There is no requirement or standardization for being a nation; the following are currently active self proclaimed Countries.

Nations and City States

  • N/A

Dead Nations

Map of the world ( VERY OUTDATED)
White = national borders. Black = provincial borders for supranational federations. Yellow = Yeti's glorious Empire. Click for larger image. Message niller1703 (irc:niller) if you want to update borders or add colonial borders.

See Also

  • Besides nations, there are many Orders & Guilds on the server.
  • The international relations page for a quick overview of the server politics.
  • Have a look at the Family Tree for an overview of nation history.
  • Visit Trade Channel for a list of international trades which are looking for a buyer/seller.
  • See Movements for a list of recent fund raisers, protests, and other events.
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