Winterlyn aka The Kingdom of Winterlyn and Grand Duchies of Somerset and Højfjeldene is the successor state to the Confederation of Cavernshire of Oceania.

Winterlyn “Kingdom of Winterlyn”
“Kongeriget Vinterly”
Motto Ad Maius Bonum
Til Glæde og Til Gavn
For The Greater Good
Capital Wyventon
Official Languages English
Breshikan (Broken HungarianAnything)
Demonyn Winterlynian
Government Feudal Monarchy
King niller1703
Council Leader BanksyStreetArt
Establishment 8th December 2013
Population 6
Abbreviation Winterlyn
Current Map of Winterlyn City, Wyventon
Balls King:

Winterlyn was created alongside the Klamdau Delta City States. When the Breshikans and Walds moved in and established Somerset to the west, interstate politics began in the Region. With the takeover of Somerset by Kreiger refugees the remaining breshikans and Walds fled to Winterlyn. Winterlyn Resides Next to Altschwabenland, a property of the Ender Congress.


Winterlyn started out as a minor nation on Oceania. Back then Winterlyns main export was iron and emeralds. On the main island, Imperial City, the building of a glorious castle took place. However this castle was never finished due to the new map and the Civil War of Nyx

Civil War of Nyx

At that time, Winterlyn was very stable, however not everything was perfect. Rumours of a rebellion started spreading and the government had to enforce certain rules to avoid a devastating civil war. Despite all the attempts to avoid this conflict, rebels started spreading, lead by Nyx. This rebellion was quickly put to an end, by the glorious elite soldiers of Winterlyn.

Confederation of Cavernshire

After the rebellion, the king saw that working alone would be difficult, without one of his former most trusted soldiers, Nyx. So he decided to form a confederation. Thus he met Sauerei, the leader of Deep Ocean Station Zulu, and an agreement was made to start a city made for the purpose of trading. However this relationship quickly evolved into a confederation, while building the underground-city of Winderemere.

The Great Anarchistic Breakout

After the glorious nations abandonment, the rich walls were ripe for griebing and other horrible atrocities. The glorious leaders did not return for a long time but on the day of our Lord, the 15th of March 2015, they were once again summoned to the realm of Alpha to rule over the greatest city ever founded.

The Commonwealth

After the return of the winterlynian rulers, they were accepted by king Shakomatic in his commonwealth of nations

Winterlynian Hub/ Commonwealth Hub

The Commonwealth Hub is THE hub of the North. So far, many settlements and places have been connected with this modern trainstation. It was formerly known as the Winterlynian Hub.

Winterlyn Netherrails

Battle of Enderian Aggression

After the unprovoked decleration of war from the leaders of the Enderian Republic, the two great nations's bravest and finest soldiers emerged on the hills of Badfacia, where they would fight out their indifferences. The battle resulted in a decisive victory for the Enderian forces. Others call the battle “The Battle of Gay Cocks for Mad Ass”. The battle is one of many during the Commonwealth-Ender War

On Oceania, Winterlyn was an island-kingdom. Most of the land owned, were located in the western part of the great ocean. On Alpha, Winterlyn mainly consist of forested areas, plains and a chain of mountains. This chain of mountains is the heart of Winterlyn. It serves as a fort with its natural fortifications and the fort on top of Mount Anubis, which is the 5th highest mountain in Alpha, with a height of 125

Stradling the River Vargisk and touching the River Klamdau, Winterlyn is made up of a great eastern forest, two mountain Ranges and a large plains region. As of yet mostly the mountains are inhabited.


Tur-del-Achbad is located in the northern desert, and it was founded after the Council voted yes for the plans for a new province. The first two settlers were the Council Leader, Banksy I and the king, niller1703. The city was started on the idea of free trade. However the establishment of a grand wall is needed to protect the growing city from bandits. The city was founded on the 10th of January, 2014


  • Wyventon (Dark green) - The grand Capital of Winterlyn, Lord: niller1703
  • Arcruz (Light blue) - province made up of all territories owned by Winterlyn, on the far side of the river vargisk and Jorn Creek, Lord: BanksyStreetArt
  • The Eldarian Woodland (Yellow) - The forestry wilderness
  • Wmicz (Blue) - The plains of Winterlyn. No lord yet, but plans for expansion here have been made
  • Tur-del-Achbad - The free tradingcity of Winterlyn, Lord: The Prince of the Desert, Sauerei I, Council Leader Sauerei I
  • Højborgen - The Stronhold located somewhere in the world, leading to The End
  • Terre de Castitate - The Savannah Biome close to the core of WInterlyn, ruled by MikeMallorca
  • Northern and Southern Sommerset (Light Green) - The heavily forested sprucelands, divided by Vejlandene
    1. New Zulu - The Capital of Northern Summerset
  • The Strip (Red) - Known for it's redlight districts and dirty slums inhabited solely by slaves who have bought their freedom
  • Vejlandene (Dark blue) - Winterlynian controlled area, which connects the endarian-occupied Kreigstein
  • Highlands (Gold) - A mountainous region where no village can sustain itself. The Winterlynian military resides here, so kreigstenian refugees can reunite with the motherland
  • Kaldun (P!nk) - Slavefarms
  • Duchy of Sidonia - Near the Eldarian woods
The Winterlynian Empire at it's greatest so far

In name its a feudal monarchy but in actuality its more of a council government with a king head of state. The settlement is ruled by King Nils I, or King niller1703 I. However most decisions are made in the public counsil, which elects a leader each month. However only citizens with the status of noble can attend, and vote, in the council.

Flag of Government
(Based on the flag of the Confederation of Cavernshire)

Flag of the Army





Winterlynian and Interalpha-ian Orders

International orders given to winterlynian citizens and winterlynian orders given to citizens of other nations.

Knighthood of Winterlyn

Following players have been awarded the knighthood of Winterlyn:

  • BanksyStreetArt
  • Sauerei
  • Nyx
  • And221296

The Landgrabbing Order

Honorable mentions

Hansi - Lawnmower of Justice

Hansi - Lawnmower of Justice: Greatest sheep/lawnmower to have ever pooped on the green plains of Winterlyn

Winterlyns economy is mainly based on trading with villagers, and importing basic stuff as wheat, wool and some selected ores. This mercantilism has made Winterlyn rich on the previous map, and they are planning on doing the same thing on Alpha. Most of this trading is owned by the biggest company in Winterlyn, Llama Enterprises. The king assigned all trading related affairs to this company.

Winterlyns supplies are mainly consisting of agriculture, farmed by the villagers who lives on the great pants of Winterlyn. This industry is still in the progress of being started up, and due to this the people of Winterlyn suffers from a minor food shortage.

One of the many towers that provides the Winterlynian people with food
The second largest food farm in the kingdom


A large chunk of the country's economy goes directly to the minsitry of transport and ministry of prestigious projects. The ministry of transport is responsible for the construction of the Winterlynian, Confederated Hub, which connects the north, and the Winterlynian Road Company.

Nationship Celebration Fireworks
Imperial Map

Winterlyn cooperates the with the other northeastern countries and settlements. The core of Winterlyn is the Anubial Mountains. This area is probably also one of the most secure places on the server due to the building of the glorious Wall Eldaria, surrounding these mountains, and various forts, towers and castles being built on each of the peaks. Most notable of these is Fort Anubis, which will be built on Mount Anubis, including a glorious defensive system, capable of protecting The Fatherland against any foreign troops.

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