DESU Military Alliance

DESU Military AllianceВоенный альянс ДЕСУ
June 23, 2016 - June 24, 2016
Succeeded by:
Oppai Islands Artifical Archipelago
Ruminian Union
Official Languages Russian
Founder & Leader variobond(oppai_power)
Members 7-9?
Abbreviation DESU

DESU is a slavic military formation which was made by a couple of russians during the June Purges in order to properly stand against the Enderian forces.

After the first raid of Perdyusheno the russians decided not to whine to the mods about griebings and actually decided to defend their honor at least. But their military forces were not in any way organized, which, of course required action. And so the alliance was born just before the second raid on June 23: its founder was the leader of the Oppai Islands region, variobond. After that, the Perdyusheno civilians also tried to draft more russians across the server, but that wasn't exactly very successful.

During the second Perdyusheno raid the DESU alliance proved to be more effective in battle than a couple of standalone civilians roaming there and there, but the russian forces still experienced defeat. Soon after the loss DESU was disbanded and separated into two nations: O.I.A.A. and Ruminian Union, which then continued to keep its stand against the Enderians.

  • A huge memorial sign dedicated to DESU can still be seen in the Oppai Islands.
  • During June 2016 Onion created a chat plugin dedicated to the alliance which colours any “desu” or “десу” typed in the corresponding colours, green and red. The plugin was approved by AlphaBernd and still works to this day.
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