Moloch Worshipping Cult

Moloch Worshipping Cult / Heretical Rashidun CaliphateCultus idolo Moloch اَلْخِلَافَةُ ٱلرَّاشِدَةُ الهرطقه‎
Abbreviation HRC
Capital Ground Zero (-1400; 64; 1666)
National Anthem Terrorlord
Establishment 2018.02.02
Government Despotic Theocratic Monarchy
Sultan Salah
Official Language English
Population 15
Motto In varietate unitas

HRC - Heretical Rashidun Caliphate / Moloch Worshipping Cult is a model of free and open society, determined to protect the minorities and their rights. Our mission is to provide safe and supportive environment for everyone who disagrees with the current course of politics on this server and to integrate them into our community, to enhance their wealth and power.

To be honest, HRC was created for the lulz.


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One of our missions is to spread democracy to uncivilized savages and other oppressors such as Drumpf supporters.

We are allied with all alive descendants of DESU Military Alliance (see The family tree) and others.

Venesian Kingdom Conflicts

Venesians were created as larping italian merchants. The first incident happened when SkyDiverCool and Salah strolled the Venesian Bay and notakommi disliked it. The entire clan was banned from the Venesian premises which led to a reciprocal ban on them from our premises. The second incident was the “acquisition of Lampachan”. Notakommi tried to landgrab the capital of the dissolved nation with help of its previous leaders and was further provoked by dovasko as well. Only with incessant debate and intervention of mods was this prevented, leaving the Lampachan settlement apolitical. The third incident was notakommi griefeing Mamluk Sorrow and dispersing/killing its soldiers. The fourth incident was a theft of clay by Osvald. Then notakommi tried to frame Sultan Salah for illegal cprivating, and after failing, declared war on the Caliphate. The Caliphate's allies got involved as well, including Winduzastikan Empire, which tried to provide support right in the battle, and Ruminian Confederation which seemingly aids Salah's army financially.


We are one of the richest communities there.

HRC has many natural minerals and weapons in its possession and it has some strong international trade relations.

The official currency is cowry (nautilus) shell. The precise value of shells per diamonds or emeralds is yet determined.


HRC owns the Ground Zero territory near the spawn.

The territory is the capital of HRC, where World Trade Center and surrounding fillings are located.

The top floor of The South Tower is the place where HRC headquarters are located.

Leninstadt is an autonomous city-state, which has joined HRC voluntarily on 2018.07.20.

Zanzibar \ Bay of Pigs

The former capital of the nation Venesian Kingdom (now disbanded). Originally named Venesian Bay. Won through a defensive war. Renamed Zanzibar (and Bay of Pigs) by Sultan Salah.


 Zanzibar (Bay of Pigs)

The following colonies are also owned by the Caliphate:

  1. Khirbet Misbah - a yev colony in the nether.
  2. Burj Aleizam - an ivory tower.
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