Capital Vargsund
Location 774 64 -7757
Official Languages English
Demonyn Thulean or Nord
Government Norse Kingship
Jarl cuckboi97
Establishment 5-29-18 (officially)
Total Population ~13
Active Population ~5
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ASC/N Nord

The land of Thulê is a united kingdom; home to many small villages and settlements, the largest and most important being Vargsund. It has been home to the Nords who may also be referred to as Thulean, for millennia.

founding/time period

Holmgang Siege

On february 4th Jarl cuckboi97 challenge Austrocat, a missionary who had previously terrorized the settlement in the name of God, to a Holmgang (A traditional Norse duel to settle disputes). On february 5th 2018, theloneranger1 discovered Austrocat building an invasion camp, and promptly struck him down avenging the peasants he slaughtered. Finally on february 6th 2018, Vargsund was laid siege upon by the Aspergia clan. Holmgang Battle

On May 17th cuckboi97 and theloneranger1 waged a crusade on all Slavs on the server, claiming they'd make the server Germanic again.

The Destruction of Vargsund by HRC

On May 19 Onion challenged Jarl cuckboi to a holmgang. cuckboi97 ended him rightly when he reached Vargsund and Onion returned with an army of Withers which wreaked mass havoc and destruction on the fair Thule. A large quantity of the damage was rolled back by anhud but the damage was still apparent. Onion was banned for a week, and through IRC vowed to rage war on the Nords for their crusade on his vodkanigger mongoloids people. Someone anonymously screenshoted the destruction which can be seen here in this imgur album. The full article on this incident can be seen here.

Onion slaughtered theloneranger1's beloved horses Trigger and Scout, all of the chickens, sheep and cattle, and over 128 iron blocks worth of Iron Golem including Grug. Talk about overkill.

Spawn skirmishes with Rumine Union and the SoMi

On May 20th anatolgol, the leader of the Rumine Union challenged Huskarl theloneranger1 to a trial by combat to which he accepted. They valiantly fought until cuckboi came to theloneranger1's aid, seeking to end this Russian menace quickly. anatolgol was defeated by the two. anatolgol returned to spawn enraged, with Siver and dueled the two Nords. cuckboi97, confident his Huskarl could fight versus two adversaries, left theloneranger1 to finish them off. An intense duel took place, the two Russians using the same Mongolian archery tactics their forefathers did. Theloneranger1's shield blocked most of them, until he could get in close with his axe. This duel lasted for several minutes until two more Russians showed up seeking bloodshed. theloneranger1 knowing he was outmatched in this four-versus-one, retreated to Vargsund saying “fuuuuuuuuuuuuck that dude I can't 4v1 you mongols”.

This battle caused Freistaat Mondsteinberg to break their long lasting alliance with the Nords, citing that their blood ran deeper with RMCU. It should also be noted a rogue LMP member, Darth_Meetra, was in this skirmish but no one could properly identify what their intention was.

An overview image of the main Thulean lands. While this entire region is not technically all Thulean clay it is a general area of where they reside.

Settlements in Thulê

* Capital:Vargsund

  • Bjørkøya Island
  • Sauborg
  • Whitetopia

Colonies located outside of Thulê

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The Nords are a seafaring people with an aptitude for fighting and raiding.

Additional Information

Credit to anhud for making the Thule nationball.

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