Kingdom of Aspergia


AspergiaThe Kingdom of Apsergia
 Flag of Aspergia
 Coat of Arms
Capital Hurstport, Aspergia
Official Languages English
Demonyn Aspergian
Government Authoritarian Kingdom
Leader Hino_Arashi
Establishment 2-5-18
Population ~4
Abbreviation Aspergia

The Kingdom of the Aspergians.

Name Position
Hino_Arashi King of the Aspergians
BearMonger Minister of Technology
GlitchyBat Minister of Truth
Gin Minister of Culture and Arts

The Aspergians living near Mari in Oceania decided to venture from their snowy lands elsewhere. While the expedition breaking land at Port Mouth lead to the foundation of Ender, other Aspergians had settled further reaches in other locations of the world. An expedition reaching Alpha's Realm had reached shore near a forested area and was founded as the port town of Hurstport. While the Enderians had embraced new philosophies from people they had made contact and trade with, the Aspergians had placed greater value on tradition.

Old Aspergian tales claim that the ancestors of the Aspergian people arrived from the stars. This is why the star is a particularly significant symbol of the Aspergians. Traditionally, this has been a five pointed star, but some times four or eight pointed stars have also been seen.

Official state buildings of the Kingdom of Aspergia feature a skylight with a reflecting pool beneath to let in star light from the night sky.



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