Capital BellTower
Official Languages Italiano
Demonyn Mercyan
Government Direct Democracy
Emissario Paper
Establishment 21-10-2015
Motto Tu sei la tua trappola ed anche la sola persona che può liberarti.
Population 8

Mercymnius is the continuation of the City-State of BellTower.
This Nation gather under its flag the city of BellTower (as capital) and the village of NebisTown.


Mercymnius was founded in the 21-10-15 when Paper asked to his pizzaniggers a new name for the new nation.
And so it was.

Eventi maggiori

Actually, during the day of 17/01/2015 Austrobernd asked to be part of Mercymnius.
The question was forwarded to the Pizzaniggers, and now Nautica is an autonomous province under cases of domestic policy.

The Nation is situated near to OldSpawn and it contains a portion of Mount Bos.
A big and majestic plain that it touches the river that seperate Sacredi from the other lands.
And also the little island of Nautica on Great Shaklatic Ocean.


  • BellTower (the red one);
  • NebisTown (the orange one);
  • Nautica (in the second picture).

When a person wants to give a question to the entire population, this can be answered through a poll in the group of Telegram in
which to give his opinion and then to enforce it.
In this Democracy, however,not many know English.Therefore it creates a figure called “Emissario”, I.E. a person who
speak on behalf of the Nation only after giving a Question ( i.e. a poll ).
The powers of the Emissary, combined with the knowledge of the Server Paper, can make it look like a leader.
However, it is nothing more than a spiritual leader who has no real executive powers.

At NebisTown governs Superbat, as Mayor, who is happy to be of assistance to his community (as is de facto lonely ).

At Nautica Austrobernd is the Grand Admiral who holds domestic policies powers.

An real economy doesn't exist, but a Stone Factory is working.

The culture of the Pizzaniggers.
And the Austrocats' ones.



  • Paper, Emissario;
  • NoLogicGamer, Civil engineer;
  • Tattorex, I dunno man;
  • zuppa, a hobo;
  • Kairi, a wonderful sistah.


  • Izushi, Future priest of the Ralx;
  • SuperBat, Administrator of Nebis Town;
  • SnicoloS.


  • AustroBernd, Grand Admiral;
  • gO_Ogin.
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