Kingdom of Breshik

BreshikThe XVI Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik
National Anthem -
Digslaves Worker's Anthem
Capital Shakograd
Local Languages Breshikan
Head of State King Austrobernd
Head of Goverment Premier Tomocat
Parliament The Royal Breshikan Court
State Religion Catholic
Other Christian denominations tolerated
Establishment March 24, 2016
Population ~18
Ethnicities Breshar, Russians, others…
Demonyn Breshikans

Born from a bunch of shitty kingdoms that all were driven into the ground by previous management.

Breshik is an Monarchy headed by the King who divides governance among the Royal Court.

The 16th Kingdom of Breshik is located on the island of Danik which so far has seen no connection to the mainland of Spawn. With no official maps to speak of and no international explorers to draw up their own maps, the island is very secluded from everyone but its dwarvish islanders. So far only one visitor is rumoured to have set foot on the sunny plains of this island.


The island is divided into three, with the main island which the capital, Shakograd is located on, the autonomous island to the north and the Northway Island to the south, which supplies the rest of the islanders with food. The Ministry of Domestic Affairs officially inhabits this island, while the rest of the lordships and ministries inhabit the larger island of Danik.

The official religion of Breshik is the Catholic faith.

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The Cult:
However the CEO of the Winterlyn Trading Group, Niller, also sponsors the Cult of the Awakened Coal that worships the return of players which has been granted by the Coal Portal of the Lobby Lands. This cult has met heavy critic from Chancellor Tomoko who have been quoted to saying “This is childish”, to which the Prophets of the Cult, Niller and Darynu, has not responded with anything but the standard “Awaken the Coal within you, my brother”

Breshikan Titles

Nobles: Nobles may only be appointed by the king and no one else, they can grant ranks, orders, and other marks of honor but not titles of nobility.

  • High Noble - A High noble is the Head of a Royal House who can own a large portion of land within Breshik.
  • Low Noble - A Low Noble is not a head of a Royal House but may be a member of one. They may own a midsize amount of land within Breshik.

Knights: Knights may only be appointed by the King and by individual Nobles, they can grant orders, and give citizenry to stateless residents.

  • Knight- Knights may own a small fiefdom. They are usually but not always a servant of a Noble.


  • Citizens: Citizens can’t give citizenry and can’t own land unless appointed to it by a Noble or Knight. They however enjoy full protection under the state, and shall be respected as individuals.
  • Residents: Nobles or Knights may not give or appoint land to residents unless he/she makes said resident a citizen. Residents still enjoy partial protection under the state and should be respected aslong as residents follow the laws.

Royal Houses of Breshik (Current)

House of Breshik AustroBernd
House of Winterlyn Niller
House of Kuroki Tomoko


  • Austrobernd

High Nobles:

  • Tomoko
  • Niller1603
  • Shakomatic

Low Nobles:

  • Acid_Trance
  • Rosenmann
  • 1234fireking


  • G0_Ogin (Serves King Austrobernd)
  • Opti (Serves High Noble Tomoko)


  • Ambr
  • Erinius
  • Koinu
  • Magnus_boy
  • Crimer
  • Friman
  • Junipero
  • Tablecat
  • BormannAZ (Resident)
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