Trade Channel

This page will be used by all people wishing to create international transactions, but do not currently have a buyer. They are able to post on this page, following the required format, filling out what you are selling and in what exchange rate, as well as the preferred payment. The payment is generally posted in terms of iron, gold, diamond, and/or emeralds. It is possible to select other methods in which to be paid, but it is advised to use these forms of currency, as they are the most stable forms of economic value. You may also post here telling that you are looking for a certain good, and are willing to pay a certain rate for it. If you are selling goods, please put the amount you are willing to pay. If you are buying them, please put the amount you wish to buy. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, please put the rate at which you are doing so in terms of the good you are buying or selling in increments of 16, 32, or 64.

In order to accept a trade please add two rows. The first row shall tell how much of the trade you are willing to fill. (ex: 1/2 a stack of requested stone), and the second will tell the name of the person accepting said trade.


Name Buyer/seller's name
Transaction Buy/Sell
Good Amount of Good and which goods
Rate Currency per 16/32/64
Date Date posted
Trade Either Pending, or name of the person who accepted the trade

Filled Example

Name [insert name]
Transaction Buy
Good 2 stacks of Dirt
Rate 5 iron/16 dirt
Date April 26, 2013
Sell 1 stack of Dirt
Seller [insert name]

Finished Trades


Pending Trades

Good1 stack of bookcases
Rate180 iron/16 bookcases
DateApril 29, 2013
Name Kitty4fun
Transaction buy
Good gunpowder
Rate 2 gunpowder/ 1 gold nugget
Date 5/26/2013
Trade pending
Name Port Mouth Imports, Inc., contact Hino
Transaction Buy
Good Agricultural goods
Rate 1 Emerald for 64 Wheat/64 Raw Chicken/64 White, Blue, or Yellow Wool.
Date June 2, 2013
Note Port Mouth Imports, Inc. is seeking nations, settlements, companies, or individuals interested in exporting agrictulrual commodities as trading partner. If trading in bulk, higher rates can be offered. The stand at stall will also be making Wheat purchases.
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