The Following is a display of server flags, emblems and Coats of Arms by country/organization that have existed over time and a brief description of each.

Alpha Nations

THe Alpha Nations also Known as ANTO(Alpha Nations Treaty Organization) was a paralell to the real world UN and in some ways to NATO.

The official Flag of the AN Variant AN flag AN Rule Breshikan Flag


A cozy settlement, the first to have adopted a Constitution.



Feels, the largest of nations, superior freedoms and a whole lot more awaits you in arguably beautiful Badface. Settle in the hinterlands where a variety of biomes are ripe for development or throw up another skyscraper in the redeveloped city centre.


Second nation in the entire server. National-Bolshevist in theory but effectively an oligarchy ruled by 3 people.

Kingdom of Battkhortostan Battkhortostan RISSR Batt.x under K_Chris administration Sikandar's Battkhortostani Republic Kingdom of Battkhortostan (current)


Solovki Islands The Commune Vinland (former) Katarbad (former)
Evergreen (ceremonial) Al-Iskandariya Gurkburk Maleth

Symbols of Battkhortostan

First Coat of Arms Battle Flag of the RISSR (first) Coat of Arms of K_Chris's Battkhortostan Emblem of the BURDO intelligence bureau Emblem of the BENIS Ministry Coat of Arms of Sikandar's Second Battkhortostan RISSR (current)


A really small Nation inhabitated by only Pizzaniggers along with a little village.

The first and only Flag of BellTower The flag of NebisTown


Breshik is a Nation that has went through various iterations. It has been a Kingdom, a Dwarven Oligarchy, an Empire, a treaty organisation and a Holy alliance almong other things. In the national colours, Green sysmbolizes breshik itself, or the idea of Breshik. Black symbolizes the People of Breshik and White symbolizes the Monarch of Breshik. Over time different tricolours have been used to show the Lords, Prime minister, or a collective body of the Legislature, including a Grey-Green-Grey scheme, a Black-Green-White scheme, and alittle known full green flag. This last flag was never used in any official respects.

The following are the common flags of the Empire currently.

Imperial Government Standard Imperial House Standard Traditional Coat of Arms of Breshik

The Dwarven Realm is an Era that pertained to the majority of the Breshikan presence on 1.7. Pre-United Kingdom

Standard of the High King of Breshik
Flag of the Empire Flag of the Monarch Coat of Arms of Breshik During the United Kingdom

The following is a list of Subdivisions by administrative type in the United Kingdom.


Kingdom of the Westward Isles Kingdom of Breshik Kingdom of East Breshik

Dominions of the United Kingdom

Dominon of Cumberland Dominion of Canadia Dominion of the Isle of Feels Dominion of the Great Breshikan Desert Dominion of the Lakota Federated Tribes Dominion of the Wildelands Frontier
The Kurwo-Breshikan Peace accords ceded the Isle of feels to Kurwa

Breshikan Uniform

The Breshikans also had a set of uniforms different ranked Breshikans wore during times of war and for official purposes

Example of the uniform

Republic of China

State Flag of Nationalist China

Failed State, wont even bothering making this shit pretty.

Empire of Condeura

National Flag

Banners of the Barons

Banner of the Jun Stromah, Baron Darynu Flag of Baroness Minuke_00


Deseret was founded as a colony based off of the mormon state that never happened.

Desert State Flag
Flag of North Ender Flag of South Ender

Founded originally on the 1.7 server, it has had a successor state for each of the succeeding maps.

Flag of the FAP nation Official flag of Uganda

An asian arquitecture centered nation that grew from the original small settlement of The Tri-Isles in the 1.8 map. The original settlement was founded by the great Waffenbaum. With the creation of Oceania, the G.A.M. was resurrected under the same name in the far east of the server, where it grew until its population was driven away because of war. It is currently a dead nation, a ruin of its former glory.

Flag of the Greater Pan-Asian Meritocracy Coat of Arms of the G.A.M.

Gammian Empire

Flag of Eien-Kyō Flag of Greenland (former territory)




Current flag of the Khaganate Current Coat of Arms The Khagan's war banner


something goes here when I give a shit -green


National Flag of Kriegstein


The first nation of the server. Entrepeneur in building the nations system and general lifestyle of many nations and settlement. First Empire ever seen and still the biggest settlement known to history.

Flag of the Kurwan Empire Coat of Arms of Kurwa the City-State

Kurwan Empire

Imperial Coat of Arms Army Flag Naval Ensign (Imperial Use)

Colonies of the Kurwan Empire

Kurwan Ensign of Ordnungstadt Kurwan Ensign of Frostbite Flag of Astonia-Vostok Kurwan Ensign of Outer Kurwa Kurwan Ensign of Katýnsk Kurwan Ensing of Fort Lovely Kurwan Ensign of Byzantium Kurwan Ensign of the Isle of Feels

Subnational Flags of the Kurwan Empire

City of Ordnungstadt Frostbitten Commonwealth Corporation of Astonia-Vostok (Unofficial) Outer Kurwa Commonwealth Commonwealth of Katýnsk Colony at Fort Lovely Port of Byzantium Isle of Feels (Unofficial)

Nova Kurwa

Flag of the Nova Kurwa Colony First know Coat of Arms Long used Coat of Arms Coat of Arms of the U.C.S. Nova Kurwa
Provisional Gov't Flag (W.R.) Flag of the United Council State* Revolutionary Flag Butthurt Flag of Kurwa* Presidential Flag National Council Flag Council of Representatives Flag Failed Attempt to refound Kurwa* Katýn State (another failed attempt)*

*YugoTexas administration

Nieuw Walschor

The Principality, later Duchy, of Nieuw Walschor is a small Dutchboo nation founded by P_P_A. It possesses a number of overseas colonies.

National Flag of Walschor Flag of NW as part of the Rhodesian Confederation Coat of Arms of Walschor
Coat of Arms of Voelhaven CoA of Noord Wortland Coat of Arms of Markonië Coat of Arms of Madeuwe

West Rhodes

Second biggest nation know to the server. Colonial power and doer of diplomacy. It has one of the most complex political systems, a mix of republicanism and monarchy.

Flag of the Merchan Republic of West Rhodes M.R. West Rhodes Coat of Arms

Rhodesian Confederation

Flag of the Rhodesian Confederation Coat of Arms of the R.C.F.

Member States of the R.C.F.

Unofficial Flag of Uganda Commonwealth of Kenya Dominion of New Rhodes-Mombása Commonwealth of East Rhodes

Other flags of West Rhodes

Naval Ensign of the Rhodesian Navies Merchant Ensign for Civil use Royal Ensign for the Lords Personal use

Ruminian Union

Slavic nation, founded in summer 2016th after Russian Purges.

RMCU flag RMCU Coat of Arms
Ruminian Union flag Ruminian Union Coat of Arms

Members of Ruminian Union

Republic of Faryagrad Autonomic State of Novi Beograd and Drachenica Autonomic State of Swastikaland Autonomic State of Perdyusheno and Zaperdyushie Autonomic State of Eastern Desert

Ruminian Armed Forces

RPA RPS RPA Coat of Arms RPS Coat of Arms
Ruminian People's Army Ruminian Protection Squadrons Ruminian People's Army Coat of Arms Protection Squadrons Coat of Arms

Other flags of Ruminian Union

Standart RC RMCU Navy RMCU HG Coat of Arms
Presidential Standart Ruminian Croats Flag of Ruminian Navy Coat of Arms of Ruminian Honor Guard

Ruminian Condeferation

Flag of Ruminian Confederation Ruminian coat of arms

Member States of the Ruminian Confederation

Territories of Perdyusheno Neko-City Republic Vitlevsk-Beograd Freistaat Mondsteinberg

Other symbols of R.C

Flag of the National Council Ruminian secret service

Soviet Republic

The Soviet Republic was one of the first nations to be founded on the current map. For a long time it was also the largest nation on Oceania until being vassalized by the Katten hordes.

Flag of the Soviet Republic Coat of Arms of the Soviet Republic

Member States of the Soviet Republic

District of Merriland Gorask Oblast Padagrad Oblast Autonomous Territory of Fallen Selvata Oblast

The Valinor Pact

The Valinor pact was created in the Breshikan city of Valinor by a joint force of four nations who all worried that the AN was an attempt to bring alll nations under a singular rule. The valinor pact fell apart before any battle were ever fought.

Ceremonial Flag of the Valinor Pact

The Westward Isles

The Westward isles was a founded by Kurwan expats. It eventually joined in union with Breshik to form a union that lasted about 22 days. It is important to note that the independent barony of the westward isles and the kingdom of the westward isles Under the United Kingdom both held the same flag.

Westward Isles Flag

Winduzastikan Federation

Winduzastika currently uses more than 10 various official regional flags and plans to use even more. For whatever reason.

National Flags
Current national flag
(August 2017 - nowadays)
National Flag
(April-August 2017)
Flag of Windoozastikja
(November 2016)
Federal regions
Faryagrad Republic Despotism of Borne-Sulinowo Gopinsk Region Kelet Republic Seged Island Republic of Khasavyurt
Inner Miklosia Free State Postes LAO Kampuchea State Great Meritocratic
Khanate of Ungernia
Sakramaria Republic Masonia Dominion
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