Nationplay PVP Rules

These rules are server wide laws that dictate the legality of pvp, a bannable offense when used outside of these regulations.


Due to an influx of Russian players and an overall shift in server culture, the previous Rules of Engagement proved insufficient. They were frequently disregarded and vulnerable to exploitation in bad faith.

The Rules

  • Any member of any nation may freely engage in PVP with any other member of any other nation (regardless of the two nations' diplomatic relations), but only within the territory of a(ny) nation.
  • PVP in apolitical or unclaimed territory is illegal. (Duels notwithstanding.)
  • Any member of a nation may request an apolitical player to leave that nation's territory. If the player does not comply with this request, he may be legally killed.
    • The nation's territorial claims must be visible in-game in the form of border posts, walls, flags, etc. as detailed in the Alpha's Realm Nationhood rules. If the nation's borders are not marked properly, apolitical players may not be attacked outside of visible settlements.
    • The player must be given a reasonable amount of time to leave the territory, e.g. by walking away. Giving a warning and then immediately assaulting the player before they can react, and similar abuses, will lead to a ban.
  • Neutral or apolitical players who become collateral damage during a battle (on national territory) have only themselves to blame. If a battle is going on, players who do not want to get involved should hide, log out, or leave the area.
    • Any items looted from civilians thus killed must be returned to them as soon as possible.
  • Any kind of griefing (including the killing of livestock) is forbidden, even in times of war.
    • Nations at war may designate a time and place for an organised battle. If they agree to allow certain types of griefing on the battlefield (for the duration of the battle), and inform a moderator of this agreement at least one day prior to the battle, such types of griefing on the designated battlefield will not be punished.
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