Kingdom of Denmark

Capital Little Copenhagen
Official Languages English
Demonyn Danes
Government Elected Monarch
Leader NyxolasCage
Establishment Feb-2018
Population 1(5 Slaves)
Abbreviation Danes

In the cold snow biome of Danglia, A settler found a unclaimed spot of snow, this would be the start of the building of the great city of Little Copenhagen. The King NyxolasCage, raised the red and white colours of the Dane flag, and the nation was created.

founding/time period

Kingdom of Denmark was founded by NyxolasCage in the year 2018, early-mid February, the exact time is unknown for the great king did not care for such trivial things as time. The kingdom stopped existing for unknown time after the king was sent to exile, after he won the courtcases he was free to come back and retake the seat as King.

major event/time period

The Danes and their culture brothers the Nords, formed an alliance.

The Nords and Danes, unprovoked got attacked by a neutral civilian, nick, he then joined with the Moloch clan, their leader Onion joined a skirmish or two, then left and hired some mercs with very advanced gear. The Scandis withdrew the spawn after a brutal defeat.

The Capital, Little Copenhagen, is in the heart of the Danish territory, and the actual only settlement under Danish rule. The land is cold and the soil is frozen, but the hardy people of the Kingdom always find a way.


Almost a Hermit nation, or a sleeping worm, Far from enemies or allies., THis is the Capital settlement

The Danish economy is in ruins, the soil is very sparse in minerals, but time will show if change will come.

The average person here stays inside, since it's too cold to go outside, here they drink, and sleep, repeat.

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