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The realm of Alpha is generally broken down two ways The first being the Dwarven standard and the Second being the enderian Standard.

The Dwarven Model

The Dwarven Standard descends from the early days of the Dwarven empire where the map was described as having an East-West divide based on spawn. Traditionally old friends and culture based players migrated East whereas newer players and freebuilders migrated west from spawn. This dichotomy is best exemplified in the Klamdau delta as compared to the early stages of the Second Enderian republic.

The Klamdau was made up of well planned settlements based off of small villages with individual cultures. The Klamdau were not landrunners and traditionally kept to their borders and engaged in mostly cultural treaties with their Dwarven, Cebula and Kreiger neighbors.

The Second ender republic was a state heavily dependent on high rates of expansion and economic game play. The Enderian republic quickly assimilated neighboring settlements and bureaucracy grew. The Enderian republic exemplified the rashness that's highly defined of Westerners in the Dwarven model.

There are of course exceptions to this rule but generally the difference as stated by the dwarven model is the East is Rp-centric whereas the west is freebuild-centric. The new Dwarven model goes further to break the World up into quadrants Most notably with North easterners referring to the specific going-ons of the north east.

The Enderian Model

The enderian model is not highly understood mostly because the speeches made by the Enderians about the North-South divide never went into the long winded detail that the Dwarven model proponents did. The Enderian model can be simplified as the south is full of good capitalist peoples and the north is full of pussies and/or tyrants. It is assumed the dichotomy holds to the new map expansions.

Alphas realm is home to a large landmass surrounded by what are considered 4-6 oceans and multiple small seas. There are some smaller continents but overall there are considered three.


  • Ur - The main landmass of the current map, notable for most nations and settlements and both spawns. (name first noted in writing in 'Giants of Ur' by Berezov)
  • Snowbelt - Found during the most recent map expansion, this landmass is mostly wilderness, but has received an explosion of settlement in recent months.
  • Southrim - The very southern landmass of the map, newly discovered since the great map expansion of 2015

Oceans and Seas

This goes clockwise from the west around the map

  • Slavic Sea. In a part of the world west of the Great Waste, up to 2015 mostly known for being home to a number of failed settlements at the foot of the Mountain of Bremen. In winter 2015, various Russian-speaking individuals settled around its edges and created landmark-worthy monuments.
  • Alder Sea. Named by the people of the Klamdau, at one time it was the maps biggest water feature. The sea lies east of the Great Waste.
  • Northeastern Sea. Island-dotted ocean in the northeast of Alpha Realm. Home to various independent settlements connected by the Valensiya Metro System, including the Commons of Valensiya and Midgard Municipality.
  • Unnamed Eastern Sea. A partially uncharted Sea (or ocean) in the far east of the map. Little to no settlements are located here.
  • Unnamed South Eastern ocean. A large ocean in the south east of the map, most notable for the location of the Federation of Aestland. It is separated from another ocean by the wasteland island of New Occoquan, the largest Island on the map.
  • Ocean of Feels. - Colonization of the western side of this ocean experienced an explosion of growth during the latest map expansion. Notable for the location of Slavia, Calisia and Eyjan Hv√≠ta
  • Prismatic Ocean. Southwestern ocean, mostly colonized by P_P_A and his friends.
  • Tropical sea. Located in the western part of the map with hot climate. Bordered by a single jungle and a lot of deserts.


Other features

  1. Deserts
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