March 11, 2018 - August 16, 2018
Capital Lamp settlement
Official Languages Russian
Government Libеralism
Leaders Makaken
Population 8
Abbreviation LMP

Lampachan was a small nation/guild which existed in middle 2018 and, while being more or less politically inactive, still played an important role in certain server conflicts.

Lampachouses are mostly Lampa 19's descendants. Besides them Lampachans also consist of those who seek a pleasant company to build and have fun together.

Lampachan was founded in March 2018, seemingly as merely a clan/independent settlement. During its entire existence, it wasn't politically active, although got in a conflict with the short-lived Russian Reich in April 2018, which led to a small battle with Thule also getting involved. This ended with the Reich itself being disbanded due to players on both sides whining to the moderators, while Lampachan itself quickly returned to its normal life.

After a while, in September 2018 Lampachan basically died out. This led to a whole bunch of arguments due to the government of the nation being extremely unclear with its leaders either being changed often; the lack of any documentation made the matters worse. Thus, several claims on Lampachan's territory have been made both by Venesian Kingdom and Rashidun Caliphate with both nations contacting different people who ruled Lampachan at some points; the argument was settled, but still slightly worsened the relations between countries already on the brink of war. In the end, after dovasko's constant whining and several past leaders of Lampachan being contacted, the settlement was declared apolitical by the server's Politburo in order to protect its culture and prevent the conflict from continuing indefinitely.

Currently, in order to keep its growth and keep thingss civil, Teron_Gorefiend is officially put in control of Lampachan.

LMP settlement is situated in the mountains of Winterwood. It can be divided into 2 districts: The residential area, where all of the houses and temples and such are found, and The Industrial district, where Zoi's farms and warehouse are.

Lampachan is a fairly liberal settlement where people cooperate their projects and labour resulting in increased efficiency. LMP also encourages outsiders to join them and is allied with many different institutions aiming to keep peace and prosperity for its citizens.

The economy of the Lamp is based on the sale of mined resources, exchange of items, hired work and trade with the villagers. The lamp has access to an impressive supply of resources Zoe, but because of self-sufficiency, does not use the resources of warehouse.

Lapmachan people above all I appreciate in people the desire to communicate and active conversations on various topics.


  • MaratBukharov
  • Teron_Gorefiend
  • Makaken
  • Divictum
  • NightKosh
  • CirnoIsNotStupid
  • TonySider
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