Slavia borders
Slavia flag Slavia banner
Capital Slavnograd
Official Languages Slovio\\Russian
Demonyn Slavonian
Government Tsar and Sobors of the Land
Official religion Eastern Orthodoxy
Leader Tsar Rickroll
Capital Slavnograd
Establishment 02-05-20
Population ~3
Abbreviation Slav

Slavia was founded as Panslavic tsardom by Rickroll, Grand Knyaz of Slavnograd. Being firstly only Slavnograd with it lands, for now Slavia developed in normal feudal nation, and urbanization of it started. Soon after nationplay start, Slavia signed alliance treaties with Swampland and Belrunia. With other nations, especially with Kingdom of Mū, Slavia trying to be kind and respectful. Since the death of most nations, most importantly - Swampland and Belrunia, Slavia is the only nation nowadays, and, what is even more important - it isn't limited by any agreements now. December 24, 2021, Urfin_Djus settlement was accepted into Slavia on common rights as Local Princedom with preservation of its name, borders and inner political system. Urfin, therefore, became the second Udelni knyaz of the country. Later plans of future riot were revealed, and after a battle, where Gribostan was victorious, it returned to independency again. the second battle, known as the Mutual Destruction, merril left Slavia for a month. to have his builds entirely rollbacked by the Salah. While the war with Gribostan ended with peace treaty, which imposed contributions on it, due to the further fall of this nation they were never were paid, and goods looted by its barbarians were restored by citizens.

Slavia is unitarian feudal state, where, despite existen of powerful feudals, the fullness of power over the land and people belongs to Tsar. Over the course of its history, Slavia wasn't involved in conflicts and, as well as majority of nations of its time, proceed with peaceful politics. Slavia keeps an eye on a known warlord Urfin, former dicktator of Gribostan, because of his known hatred towards Slavs, monarchy, etc.

Mountains, planes and forests. For now there are 3 settlments in Slavia - Slavnograd, merril's cities (idk what is situation with them right now) and Gniloy Les settlement, which does not have wiki page. Uninhabited areas are presented on this map with naming.

As Slavia is a monarchy, there is three estates in it - nobles, free people and peasants. Slavia being ruled by Tsar, wich title appears to be equal to King in non-slavic countries. The next stage of feudal system is local (Udelni) knyaz. He has right to rule upon his peasants, or peasants that Tsar gave to him, as well as right to rule his fief. Last kind of noblemen in Slavia are boyars. They too can have peasants and fiefs, but their lands size and amount of people are way smaller, then knyaz ones. Tsar and knyazes can move people around feydal staircase, but only Tsar can make somebody knyaz or make free human peasant. Currently there're one local knyaz - merril.

Slavia economy is based on peasant labor, that busts it insed nation, and export of goods from Slavia farms and raids - mostly from wither farm and raids on Ender. Another important part of Slavia economy are villagers, which are mostly concentrated in Slavnograd and provide endless emeralds.

Slavia culture is a mixture of different Slavic cultures, affected by influence of Germanic, Anglo and imageboard cultures. Culture of Slavia north is more affected with culture of Western Slavs, while south of the country is more Eastern-Slavic. However, overall Slavia culture is based on Russian. Most notable examples of Slavia culture include Tsar's palace, Holy Cross Exaltation Cathedral, merril's castle and kremlins of the country.


Official religion is Eastern Orthodoxy, represented by the Eparchy of Slavnograd and all Slavs. There are 2 churchres in the Eparchy - Slavnograd Cathedral and St. Nicholas church in Wyadreim.

Active: Rickroll, sxiv, merril, and merril's people. Inactvie: TheNerd96, Artik, I_Hammer_I, terrsandreilox, Dredak, nox_tired, cyberjmyeom, etc

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