Imperial flagImperial banner
January 7, 2018 - February(?) 2018
(July 5, 2018 - August 16, 2018)
July 20 - nowdays
Administrative center on Alpha realm Terra (city ​​agglomeration)
Official Languages Russian, Low Gothic, High Gothic, Lingua-technis
Demonyn Imperial resident
Government Empire(Monarchy)
Former planetar Leaders bloodsniper, Rickroll, kolobovaa
Planetar Leaders jmyeom, Rickroll
Religion Imperial Cult and everything that fits into it
Establishment 1-7-18
Population 3 active, ~5 inactive
Abbreviation IMP

Imperium came to this world on 07.01.2018 when russian wahafags came to this server. First town was founded near the great water cube. After Mondsteinberg–Imperium War leaders and all “old guard” (people who founded IMP, all from one chat) left, and Imperium died. During summer of 2018 leaders and some people from “old guard” tried to ressurect Imperium in territories of jmyeom colony with the filing of jmyeom and Rickroll, but this idea failed. However due to this fail was founded two fraternal kingdoms - Kingdom of Humans with jmyeom as leader and Kingdom of Dwarves with Rickroll as leader. In January 2019 Rickroll attempted to create separated from the Imperium nation of dwarves, but without verification this nation soon died. 10 of July in wahafags old guard chat Rickroll calls to arms and in 18 of July Imperium was ressurected again…

Empire of Imperium new administrative centre located in mountains and consists out of jmyeom's Castle and Rickroll's Karak Three Peaks city-fortress. Nearby fields, forests and villages belongs to Imperium too. Most of lands are unused or under terraforming. Imperial administrative centre being called Terra just like first Imperium fortress, because it is too named after humankind native planet.

                                         Imperium up-to-date borders  

Imperium land consists of two fraternal kingdoms - Kingdom of Humans with jmyeom as leader and Kingdom of Dwarves with Rickroll as leader. Both kingdoms present themselves feudal monarchy. jmyeom and Rickroll both consider themselves to be servants of the God-Emperor of Humankind and awaits His coming during 30 millenium. The final purpose of Imperial troops in this world is to conquer it and lead into the bosom of Imperium of Man.

Feudal system, but without trade and moving restrictions. Also kings provide thier servants with building materials and mandatory tools or weapons for free.

Hateful for xenos, traitors and heretics (read like: for all who not agree with Imperium politics) and agressive to conquerors. Architecture markedly medieval for jmyeom buildings or dwarven for Rickroll.

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