Nation led by oppai_power, which was active back in 2016. Currently dead.

Oppai Islands Artificial Archipelago Искусственная Группа Островов Оппаи
Künstliches Archipel der Oppai-Inseln
Jinkou Oppai Shima
Artificialis Archipelago de Oppai Insulae
 Oppai flag
June 27, 2016 - September(?) 2017
Preceded by:
DESU Military Alliance
View from the satellite https://map.dev-urandom.eu/#/4143/64/1354/-3/0/0
Capital Kiirosuna
Official Languages English
horrible Japanese
Demonyn oppailander
State Form Don't you need people to have a state?
Leader eternal leader oppai_power
Population based on planet constellations between -1 and 1
Abbreviation the islands


At the beginning of June autist variobond was bored and decided to look at the server that he used to visit for some time more than a year ago. This time, instead of mainland building, he decided to search the land for island groups. The only thing he could find in close proximity to spawn was a single tiny stone island with an area of about 75m² and another, even smaller one sticking near the main island like a tumor. Since variobond wanted to live on an archipelago a lot, he began making artificial islands and platforms around that place and destroying the mainland nearby. He continues doing it since then and the current amount of islands is six, but there probably will be more.

War and DESU

The history of OIAA and DESU

In late june Enders decided to attack russians because they spoke russian in the server chat. To have a chance against the stronk Enders, russians formed an alliance, DESU, to use private clan chat and coordinate tactics(private chat was actually not used by majority). After 3 raids and a castle siege the war was over, and DESU split into RMCU (ruminers), SLND, and variobond alone. variobond and Sealand(Onion, Warzouz) then united into the now stronk OIAA. since then, 2 more people joined, as well as a migrant from RMCU because his friend Warzouz was here. The nation was born.

great switch times

At a point in time the oppai islands reaches their maximum population of 13 people. This phase didnt last long as soon people started abandoning the server. It was at the peak time when variobond quit too, leaving onion to manage the state for 1 day, before oppai_power came along and was made the eternal leader.

area expansion

Fireship, a great autist on the server made a farm visible from space in a valley, separated by an icy mountainpass from the PP. While he never was part of OIAA, so the rule of expansion did not apply, unlike for Dora and litvin, leaving the nordtown and Arcadia officially to OIAA, After he left the server Fireship let the zone free for oppai_power. On the 21th October, when cockgummi made his comeback, oppai_power jokingly threatened an annexiation, to which KG replied with an unmisunderstadble “I wouldnt care if that happened”. As of the 24th rhe kumo Archipelago is officially region of the OIAA. Both regions are administrated by the OIOC,the by far biggest administration unit of the islands.

Administrative zones

The Oppai Islands Artificial Archipelago is divided in 3 administrative zones, each with a unique geography. The political power of each of the zones and their residents is equal.

The flag of OICT
 Oiaa naval flag

OIAA capital territorry

The OIAA capital territorry is the navalistic island territorry in which the Capital (kiirosuna) is located. This is also the first ever claimed territorry, that has already been populated before the game-changing DESU war (perdyushino purges).

Kamjen town

First island to be settled, it serves as a storage room for now. In future, it is planned to have various constructions for the Polish sports championship.

vario's house

Tiny natural island on which variobond will eventually put his house when he finishes his other 1488 projects.

Farm island

Farm island is located near to Sealand platform. Beetroot, cocoa beans, sugar canes, weed, wheat, melons and pumpkins grow there.

Kiirosuna city

The islands' main location. Here there are and will be various modernizations and houses, as well as planned/in build statues of the grandautist variobond. The currently most impresive build is the 100 block high TV tower. Kiirosuna also has a courthouse which is about 10% done, and will be finished in about 10 years.

The flag of PP+SS
PPSS flag

Paizuri plains & Slime swamp

The paizuri plains are 2 big landmasses with a long river inbetween them. (hence the name) The paizuri plains are very flat and a good place to settle. The Slime swamp is a swamp for killing slimes and has the servers first and onlny witch farm.

Fort shekel

Fort shekel is a decorative “fortification” to have the future city shekelstadt in it, which will be centered around shops and buisnesses.

Witch farm

Do i really have to write something here?

The flag of OIOC

administrative union of OIAA cities

[also known as Oppai Islands Outer Cities]

This zone includes all of the oppailanders cities around the world map.

Yew farm

too lazy to write



OIAA has many resource reserves, such as gold and diamond reserves. It's not a problem for Onion to get emeralds because he's a yev he trades with yevs a lot. OIAA has a very stable economy. A lot of trade is done in the country, as a communistic state people always give the needed resources, so a currency doesnt exist nationally. However, OIAA uses the international currencies emerald and gold ingot to trade with other nations.



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