Royaume de Kriegstein

Holy Realms of Kriegstein
Fourth Kingdom of Kriegstein
National Anthem:
Ode to Kreigstein
Motto Dieu sauve le Roy
Capital Nouvelle Kriegstein
Official Languages French, English
Demonyn Kriegsteiner
Government Monarchy
Monarch King Sidmarcus
Secrétaire général
des affaires royales
Official Religion Christianity
Re-Establishment 07-17-2016
Population 5
Abbreviation RDK
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After being crowned King of Breshik, Tomoko Kuroki took back hohenfels which was under the rule of the house of kuroki (King niller was taking care of it). Hohenfels was left empty until King Sidmarcus came back from the dead, King Tomoko decided to dissolve Hohenfels and give Nouvelle reims back to its rightful owner. Sid the Marcus reclaimed his crown and expanded his realm, and so the Fourth Kingdom of Kriegstien was born.

After taking back his rightful clay, Sidmarcus incorporated in his realm another of his holdings: Siverny-le-Château.

The come back of the old king is motivated by the reconstruction and overhaul of the old kingdom, as Nouvelle Kriegstein is under heavy works.

  • PPA (Secrétaire d'état aux affaires royales)
  • Juinnn (Digslave general Secrétaire d'état à la gestion et à l'amménagement des sous-sols)
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