Neko-city Republic

Neko-city Republic
Location -3900, 2200
Map link
Local Languages English
National Anthem: Schweine
Government Presidential republic
Leader President Anatolgol3
Establishment 5-7-2016
Population 10

Neko-city Republic is the name of the alliance of several settlements that are controlled by Neko City. During its existence, it participated in many conflicts and was part of different nations. Now Neko City Republic part of the Freistaat Mondsteinberg.

The history of Neko City begins with the founding of a small bunker underground during the the June Purges (rumine-enderian war). The bunker was never in demand, so it was forgotten … not for long. After a number of attacks and destruction of the Anatolgo3 house in Perdyushino, he moved to his first bunker in the swamp, which was soon found. Soon after this anatolgol3 moved to this forgotten bunker and severed all ties with the open world. So was founded Neko City (then called simply “bunker”). The day of the founding of the settlement is considered to be 5/7/2016.

The secret shelter of Tea Sanctuary Empire

At some point in time, the tension between the members of the Romanian union and anatolgol3 became too strong, as a result of which an anatolgol3 made several raids on the RU. Then he was called the enemy of the people. Shortly thereafter, the former leader RU, MegaZerg, who was deprived of his power, proposed anatolgol3 to join TSE and start a full-fledged war with the Rumine Union. As a result, the bunker, about the location of no one knew, became a secret base of TSE. After some time, the bunker was accidentally found, which did not change the situation much. After this, the first work on the surface began. Within 13 hours 30 minutes the necessary resources were extracted and Neko Illya chan was built. And the bunker became known as “Neko City”.

Period of the Nation

Shortly after the Reunion of TSE and RMСA, the Neko-city left the RMСA and declared independence. A Neko-City Republic nation was created which started military operations against RMCA, and then the whole server. A lot of successful operations were done to aspire to dominance on the server, but in the final battle anatolgol3 was banned and the nation ceased to exist.

Time of calm

After the miraculous removal of the ban with anatolgol3 he left politics and began to develop the territory of Neko City. At this time, many projects have been launched, such as a new statue, farms extension and much, much more. Large-scale project was started on the construction of railways on the bedrock.

Joining the Winduzastikan Federation

On April 24, 2017, after the final disintegration of the Rumine union, anhud and azazalil, former members of the RU, decided to create a new nation, Winduzastikan Federation, and anatolgol3 decided to join this nation. All the lands of Neko-City, respectively, also entered. After a while, the war began between vinduzastics and DRR, as the latter somehow did not like this nation.
In the end, an impudent attack was committed on Neko City (which had previously repeatedly expressed its unwillingness to participate in hostilities). DRR went a big army against a single person. Despite the heroic battle, anatolgol3 was forced to retreat after DRR massively used dynamite on Neko City and detonated various mechanisms inside it. Subsequently, they ceased hostilities and the city was rebuilt.
After the end of hostilities in Neko City, large-scale construction was started, which is still going on. You can see the most ambitious ones in the list of projects a little lower.

Renaissance time

In October-November 2017, very active development began in all regions. It was started a complete redesign and change of the whole Neko City. Many months later the statue of the “sword maiden” was finally completed, and a new statue “Snow Megumin” was built. After much controversy, the construction of the Skyrail was again continued, and with it the construction of the metro.
Also in late December, Neko City, together with WND and MOND, attacked the nation of players from the “Lamp”. In this short war, Neko-City financed all operations and supplied Allied troops with the necessary equipment. This war clearly showed that Neko City still has very good economic and industrial capacities.
After Christmas, the glorious leader Anatolgol3 witnessed the insidious plot of WND against their former ally, MOND. Winduzastikan Federation decided to arrange the genocide of the majority of Russians on the server. Neko-City could not participate in such a mean and disgraceful betrayal and secretly conveyed information about this Conspiracy to MOND itself. The Insidious Conspiracy was thwarted.

Obtaining independence

After a long dispute and a popular referendum, a serious decision was made - Neko-City withdrew from Winduzastikan Federation. This great event happened on January 5, 2018. Together with Neko-City “Winduzastikan Federation” also left all settlements and lands that were in the controlled territory, including special objects and secret bases. Thus began a new chapter in the history of the glorious Neko-City.
On January 7, a decision was made to divide the Neko-City Republic into several settlements to improve land management. Nevertheless, all the newly formed settlements are still under the control of Neko City and the President in particular.

Neko-City Republic consists of several settlements.


The main settlement, which is under a large artificial plateau. The settlement is a large bunker with many farms, there are also many other buildings. The economic and political center of the whole Neko-City Republic.
Above the city is the main attraction of the republic - Anime Statue Plateau.

The swamp of despair

Mountain town

Northern Fort

Silver City


The most basic and official currency is gold. Given that different nations have different currencies, in the Diplomatic Sector of Neko-city there are several exchangers. In them, you can exchange emeralds, gold and iron for diamonds, and vice versa. In the future, it is planned to create a full-fledged banking system with its own currency.


Neko City does not need anything other than a large amount of labor. Hired workers are paid a lot for their work and they get the best equipment for projects. Bad and lazy workers are quickly identified and immediately dismissed. Neko City needs the best productivity and efficiency.


Neko-City exports almost any resources in huge quantities. The fee for resources is often nominal or it is a small job at Neko City. Also, humanitarian aid is often provided to those in need.
Also on Spawn a charity fund is being built to help novice players. In it, newcomers will be able to obtain the resources necessary for an easy start, as well as temporary housing.

write about domestic matters here

write about domestic matters here

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