Capital Lunalus
Official Languages Russian
Government Republic
Leader G21_JARTOP
Establishment -3000 3950
Population 4
Abbreviation LUN

Initially, the inhabitants of Lunalus lived in another state called Gribostan. But because of the war with Slavia and some disagreements with the leader of Gribostan, its residents left the city and moved to a new territory, where they continued to live and develop. Subsequently, the settlement began to expand and acquire connections, which helped Lunalus become a nation. But everything could not go well and the pitfalls turned out to be where they were least expected. Urfin_Djus, the former leader of Gribostan, returns to the server with incredibly ambitious plans. He and his friends founded a new pirate nation - Somali. After lengthy negotiations and a number of threats from Somalia, Lunalus makes a radical decision to abandon the title of the nation and adopt apolitical, in favor of the integrity and tranquility of the inhabitants and the settlement. Now Lunalus is also slowly growing and overgrown with more and more attractions.

Lunalus is located on the territory of the new generation 1.18. To get to the settlement, you will need to overcome the savanna mountains (the elytra were invented by weaklings). In addition, in order to build something new, mandatory terraforming is needed.

The settlement's economy is completely self-sufficient. There are: a farm of all possible plants, an animal farm, a farm of inhabitants, emeralds and totems, gold, iron and much more. If I start listing everything, we won't finish today. The settlement is almost independent of trade with other nations (with the exception of blocks that are too lazy to mine :D)

The most common problem during construction is terraforming. What an idiot came up with the idea to settle in the mountains (… 눈_눈゛…).

God, how did I get sick of building fucking farms for the extraction of EVERYTHING.

It was only necessary to say once that the mountain with Klein_san's house interferes, as this genius sawed it down in 20 minutes and provided Lunalus with a lifetime supply of stone.

Klein_sun built a bar in his basement. There are rumors that it is there that we will celebrate the victory over Urfin.

Lunalus was originally planned as an empire, but then G21_JARTOP remembered that he did not understand politics and the idea was rejected. An alternative was found quickly - buildings. The audience award is given to the one whose building turned out to be more beautiful (how convenient that almost the entire city was built only by me).

Not all those who escaped from Gribostan live in Lunalus. Most went on a free voyage and created their own settlements. List of Lunalus residents: G21_JARTOP (founder of Lunalus) , SATOU228922 (the person who first does not play for 3 months, and then comes in and manages to do more than anyone else in these 3 months) , Klein_sun (igayos is undercover, likes to arrange a zoo in his house) , Alphazone (he is on this list only because he persuaded well).

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