Tea Sanctuary Empire

Tea Sanctuary Empire, or TSE for short, which separated from Ruminian Union in late 2016, is a short-lived nation located in the far south-east of Alpha's Realm.

Tea Sanctuary EmpireИмперия Чайного Убежища
November 27, 2016 - January 6, 2017
Preceded by:
Ruminian Union
Succeeded by:
Ruminian Union
Neko-City Republic
Capital Hinamijawa
Official Languages English, Russian
Demonym Sanctuarian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Leader Emperor MegaZerg
Population 4
Abbreviation TSE

Birth of the Empire

The resignation of Ruminian Union's first leader, MegaZerg, and the following migration of a fraction of its citizens was the event which led to the foundation of the Empire on November 26, 2016 and was caused by two other events, both taking place in a short period of time. First of all, it was the unrest in the Ruminia, caused by the leader being gone for quite a while. A few citizens made a more or less non-serious suggestion to “overthrow” the government. This information somehow got to MegaZerg and he made an almost instant decision to leave the country as a whole. Apart from this, Anatolgol's boredom led him to random crimes and privatisation acts, which made him an outcast in the Ruminian community - and this made him unite with the Tea Sanctuary separatists. His financial support affected the nation's foundation heavily.

Conflicts with the Ruminians

It is not exactly remembered who started the conflicts between the Empire and the Ruminians after the nation's foundation, but the first battle happened in Faryagrad almost instantly. The battle itself was long, didn't end in a certain win of any side, and led to the temporary disband of clans of each country due to the rule violations. But this fight alone proved that the Tea Sanctuary was possible to pose itself as a threat if needed.

After the map expansion which happened in December 2016(ciation needed) both nations got themselves fighting again, this time over mesa clay. Accoeding to all known sources, the Ruminians seemingly also claimed the tundra where Tea Sanctuary citizens settled, most probably without recognizing the nation's sovereignity. For a while the conflict only involved placing/destroying flags on the disputed clay and led to a couple of bans. This all led to Emperor MegaZerg declaring another war, which didn't go as intended - TSE troops tried to siege Novi Beograd, but its mayor, Crni_Drachen, decided to abuse his status in nationplay and got banned from it for 2 months by the server's Politburo. The invaders gilled a bunch of neutral citizens afterwards and were declared victors.

For some reason, after a while, the government of Tea Sanctuary settled on a different opinion about their sovereignity status and due to historical & ethnic reasons reunited with the Ruminian Union again, though the communistic regime of Crni_Drachen led to Neko-City Republic, lead by Anatolgol, leaving after about a month and the rest of the former Tea Sanctuary citizens becoming apolitical.

TSE have their territories mainly in the south-east part of the world. The active capital is situated on the Tea mountains. Tea Sanctuary keeps under control two mushroom islands and mesa.

Tea Sanctuary is a constitutional monarchy. MegaZerg is the Emperor and the supreme ruler of the Empire. Citizens of the Empire can have influence on politics after joining or forming the political party.

Empire have a great reserves of different resources. Every soldier of TSE have the best equipment and have a bunch of potions for every kind of situation.

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