Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik

BreshikThe Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik
Regnum Bresaria
Königreich Breschik
Brezsar Királyság
Flag of the Commonwealth
Location Mostly in the East
Capital Nova Bydlograd
Local Languages Breshikan
Council Government
Shakomatic XIV (retired)
Austrobernd (abdicated)
Tomoko (Current)
The Royal Breshikan Court
Establishment June 27, 2011
Population ~5-10
Currency Commonwealth Forint

Breshik is a country situated in the North of the map. It borders Wynterlyn, the Kalmdau, Silverny, Badface, and the Rosenisle. The Second Apostolic Kingdom was created in early 2015 as a centralization of all Breshikan properties in Alphas Realm. Even though breshik goes through many encarnations, it is one of the oldest states on Autism, predating any currently active states.

see: History of breshik
Gather round children and I will tell you the story of a great man who wanted to do good by all the peoples of the world, but evil forces wanted to crush his dreams of peace and friendship. This man who never did harm to anyone and only brought joy to the hearts of many. But these nasty ugly and rude people forced the good people of Breshik to flee their homeland. Thankfully they have returned to bring peace and prosperity to the world once more.

Post-Commonwealth Hegemongy

Since the federalizing of the commonwealth under the national Reichsrat Breshik has struggled to undo the sins of the past. Major efforts to reansfer pwoer and correct the international image were undertaken. of late.

Breshik is a country situated in the Northeast of the Map on the Edge of the Great Shaklantic Ocean. It resides in mostly temperate climates.

See: Bolitics

Laws and Regulations

The Breshikan law code is very simplified for the purpose of easy communication and fluid government. As is the case with the politics it is very top down. Breshik is a state that practices Rule by law, The Breshikan Law system Descends from two sources. The laws of the book of Grudges from the Earliest Kingdom on the server and the Legal code of the Commonwealth under Breshikan Rule.

Cencus (2011-2015)

  1. Shakomatic
  2. BWKeegan
  3. Deakin
  4. killasanta
  5. jiph
  6. Tengo
  7. Deruntotekaiser
  8. Corovaneer
  9. Dylanrules22
  10. Zsombiepancake
  11. Luddi
  12. Bernd_Lauert
  13. Volker
  14. Ohfishyfishyfish
  15. Rickross
  16. BlackB
  17. Berezov
  18. Arst
  19. SurgeReaper
  20. Jstalker
  21. berezov
  22. Balzsam
  23. bando
  24. kaposvaritamas
  25. semyon
  26. Normical
  27. Mrdesa
  28. HououinKyouma
  29. King_of_Nether
  30. Sick_Sector
  31. Aineias/Telendil
  32. gingerhermit
  33. moxy
  34. drawRomania
  35. Waldsic

Cencus (2016-Present)

  1. Shakomatic
  2. Tomoko
  3. Opti
  4. 1234fireking
  5. gowa66
  6. tacolover4124
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