Red Rose Republic

Red Rose Republic
Capital Panticapaeum
Official Languages English
Demonyn Redrosian
Government Anarchist communism
Leader nick4629, TheNerd96
Establishment 30.03.16
Population 11
Abbreviation RRR or RR

RRR was founded by former citizens of Smolenia nick4629 and TheNerd96.

Name Status
Panticapaeum Capital A heavily industrialized and fortified city on an isolated island
Dodrantia Town A village dwelled by zsomkovacs and kapostamas
End portal base Camp The nation's first settlement
Hádleigh Town A medium-sized NPC village in the desert belonging to RRR
Umbra Borealis Island A currently uninhabited mushroom island in the northern region
Acutia Ice Plains Spikes A currently uninhabited ice spikes plains with a lot of packed ice in the northwestern region of Omega
  • nick4629
  • TheNerd96
  • Baxakz
  • zsomkovacs
  • kapostamas
  • Frya
  • gowa66
  • Litvin
  • igogo
  • tehftw
  • Chuck_Fiinley

Redrosian industry mostly produces iron, food, and emeralds.


Capital of Red Rose Republic

Dodrantia (Work in Progress)

The Island in the Middle of Nowhere



The region of Dodrantia was officially claimed by kapostamas and zsomkovacs, on Day 313. There were many reasons to choose this place for living, as several horses inhabited the main island of the region, and two underwater monuments were there in eyesight distance of it. For a few hundred [citation needed] days, it was considered to be a neutral region, thus the unique flag was developed. Later both of the inhabitants joined Red Rose Republic, and the whole region willingly became RRR territory. Only known visitors on the island besides RRR inhabitants came from the Kingdom of Breshik, with whom an alliance was forged some weeks later. To this day no major events happened in the area.


Currently only two people live in this region since the foundation of Dodrantia, namely kapostamas and zsomkovacs, both from Hungary. They spend their time peacefully, sometimes dying due to lag, endermen, skeletons, lava, water, or a combination of these. Their main activity consists of gathering all kinds of resources needed to run the city, and building up the city at the same time.

Places of Interest

  • The Great White Non-Wall of Unfinished Projects
    • This actually started out as a wall, but later it was redesigned to be more of an artistic project. Besides being a spectacle, its main goal is to be a todo list for unfinished projects.
  • Two underwater monuments, already looted, and under construction. These are planned to be dried out and used as a place for living, or maybe asa place for some kind of exhibition.
  • A big temple is under construction, its style and exact parameters are constantly changing with the several design iterations.
  • A city hall will be built. Sometimes in the future. I guess. Until then, it's a hole in the ground.
  • A tavern can be used to stay for the night. It has two small rooms, both equipped with a bed and an ender chest to make it easier to carry around all the equipment needed for a large trip.
  • A NPC merchant village at the edge of the island, currently only containing a butcher, a librarian and a cleric, but will be expanded later to provide all kinds of resources for the visitors.

End portal base


A small village with accidentally Irish name

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