Free Settlement of Borderhold Краеград
Official Languages Russian
Demonyn -er
Government Despotism
Establishment 6-2-18
Population 3-4


First attempts to create a new settlement dates back to middle of May 2018 when hopenot tried to spark interest in reviving nation play. Later, yet unnamed settlement decided to join United nation as partner subject. Not long after, people of Borderhold were disappointed in actions of UNIN's leader, which lead to distrust lead to decision to leave nation. Right now nation is looking for their own way to create a community

9th June 2018

Borderhold leaders condemn actions of Spurdo clan (which is ddos and griefing), and declared them their rivals. Formally, rivalry was proclaimed by acidtripper7, but hopenot also supports this decision.

Minor happenings

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  • 11th june 2018 - First issue of “BorderLine” newspaper made
  • 12th june 2018 - We happily announce stag1945 as a new member of Borderhold!


Borderhold lands

Originally previously unnamed settlement was intended to be located on northeastern side of Neko-City, but territorial dispute lead to hurried relocation of settlers to a different location. New place is located close to western side of map limit.


Right now decisions are carried out by acidtripper7 and hopenot on a basis of personal preference.

Economy and Culture

Borderholders are yet to discover their identity on server, since their community are in infant state.


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  • 2 Russians
  • 1 Belarussian
  • 1 United States American
Current state of affairs

Several projects are now in progress

  • Connecting city to nether metro system Holy shit, acid, you already did that, you madman.
  • Recruiting new members
  • Building
  • Building
  • Building…

Current settlers

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  • acidtripper7
  • daaamn
  • hopenot
  • stag1945
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