Rules for ethnicities and Noble houses maybe? I propose that it be made that you can only be a member of one ethnic group and two houses

Yugo, Alphabernd never said shit about 10 people being the requirement to become a nation. Stop inventing rules, it has always been 20.

Except the original rule was 10 people before this clusterfuck that is 1.8

Are you a newfag or something? It has always been 20. I was there when we crated it. — caBastard 2011/11/02 01:48

Let it be known Wildedale has offically denouced their nation status

<@AlphaBernd> Shaq: you have to choose
<Shaq> Alpha, how long do you plan on hosting the server?
<@AlphaBernd> either you are a nation with all its benefits or you are a non political with all its benefits you cant have both cakes…
<Shaq> If you plan to go beyond the month, I will have an answer to the rules of engagement next time koen is on
<Shaq> If not, does it even matter?
<@AlphaBernd> rules of engagement are binding for everyone
<@AlphaBernd> the server will at least run for another month

<Shaq> Then we will be a non-political settlement
<Shaq> We are only 4 people. So we couldnt be a nation anyhow.
<Shaq> First part of the rules states we must be 15 strong''


Are vassals considered nations in their own right that have their foreign policy dominated by the master nation, or are they considered essentially part of the master nation?

Sikandar 2012/07/24 04:38

Considered part of the master nation. That's how it works IRL. Or you can do it 19th/20th Century/Cold War style. Vassals have their own “sovereign” policy but it's pretty much the master nation telling them what to do. — caBastard 2012/07/24 04:48

AFAIK in the very beginnings it was 10, and in 1.8 it was changed to 20. Now it doesn't matter though. —Rosenmann
Whoa guys hold your horses, anything I say in the rules update discussion isn't canon yet. It will become canon once a useful new set of rules has been forged, to be documented on the front page. —
tetete 2012/08/04 19:44

either khatten Khaganate or khatten Khanate, dont have both on this page.
They are different entities, The khaganate is ruled by kovio and the khanate is run by me. Its kinda like your breshik alliance thing you had going there for a while —
green kitten 2013/02/27 03:36
>the HBE was an allinace. there was no nation of Breshik within it. —-

Shako just won an internet with these nationballs :D - Flake

It is odd how Shakomatic criticizes the Mongols and calls for our bans when he has done the exact same thing in 1.7 and was permabanned for it, which was lifted only when a general amnesty was declared. —
Sikandar 2013/02/28 03:21

As nice as these nationballs are, they are really making the page unreadable. :/ t: P_P_A
This entire nations concept isn't a joke? Why are we taking it so seriously as to remove this from the page? I do in fact see the West West Battx situation as unresolved. —
Sikandar 2013/03/22 22:22

It's just difficult to compare it to other nations, since it consists of Greenkitten, me and maybe another player. Not sure if it belongs here … — Enton 2013/03/23 00:10
I suppose based on that you are right.

It does not fit any nation requirements. Its just another fabricated nothing Just like montequersus was. -shako

It would appear the the batthorks want to challenge the breshikan record of nations, if its a race they want…


Dose anyone think the guilds and orders should be on a separate page -Kitty4fun

Maybe in the future, but there's not enough nations and guilds around to warrant separate pages. t: P_P_A


Breshik is Dead, Batt.x is dead, kurwa is dead, WI is dead. All the nations of oldfaggotry are dead

So are Bremen, Onionland, NF, Badface, etc. The Oceania nations have already been moved to Dead & Outdated Nations. They will be removed from the front page once there are enouhg nations on the new map for the nations page not to look empty after they're gone. t: P_P_A

>I need the approval to claim the status “active” for my nation… Can someone help me??? t:Paper

Shako, your maps look great but are so useless without proper labels in the areas. ;_; - Jinx


Dammit niller, how hard is it to go on my wiki and look at my map there? You left out Techtopia, Casterly rock, and Novoblagomirsk

stupid suggestion: seeing as this page already has a list of some dead nations, wouldn't it be more convenient to just combine it with nations:dead-and-outdated? may sound stupid but whatever — anhud 2018/05/31 01:08

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