Neko-city RepublicРеспублика Неко-сити
February 11, 2017 - February 22, 2017
Preceded by:
Tea Sanctuary Empire
Succeeded by:
Winduzastikan Federation
Capital Neko-city
Official Languages English
Demonym Nekorian
Government Republic
Leader Anatolgol3
Population 3
Currency Diamond
Abbreviation NCR

Neko-city Republic is a small nation consisting of capital Neko-city and some surrounding settlements

Neko-city Republic was founded on 11 February in order to separate the territory from Ruminian Union and the creation of an independent state. Soon, the current leader of the “anatolgol3” started the war with Ruminian Union to seize the territory close to the capital and to eliminate a possible opponent in the future. However, the war was lost (due to the ban “anatolgol3” until February 22).

On February 22, after getting out of a ban, Anatolgol declared a war on the Ruminian Union, but penultimately failed, got perma-banned and officially lost his nation. However, after 2 months, he got unbanned again somehow and decided to join the newly-formed Winduzastikan Federation in April 2018 along with all the territories of Neko-City Republic itself.

Neko-city Republic is located in the middle of forest, near the dark oak forest and marshes, some distance away there are several mountains, and behind them - the sea. Nearby is with the Republic the town Vitlevsk that is part Ruminian Union. Map of Neko-city Republic

Neko-city Republic, As the name implies, has a republican government. The President is elected every six months by voting representatives of the regions, current president - anatolgol3

Neko-city is one of the richest cities on the server. The treasury Neko City Republic has a lot of gold, emeralds and diamonds. In the neko-city there are many automated farms.

The main part of the cultural traditions nekorians - construction 3d statues of various characters

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