Democratic Republic of Ruminia

Democratic Republic of RuminiaРумынская Демократическая Республика
DRR Flag
April 20, 2017 - May(?) 2017
Preceded by:
Ruminian Union
Succeeded by:
Ruminian Confederation
Winduzastikan Federation
Motto Românii din toate țările, uniți-vă!
Capital Vitlevsk
Official Languages English, Russian
Regional Languages Ukrainian, Belorussian, Kazakh, German, Serbian
Demonym Ruminian, Ruminer
Government Republic
Leaders General Secretary Crni_Drachen
Population 10+
Currency Gold
Abbreviation DRR

Democratic Republic of Ruminia is a slavic nation situated in southern Ur. founded in April 20, 2017 after a disband of RMCA to unite all separated ruminian lands in one big country.

History of DRR is starting in december 2016 and early 2017, when MegaZerg and Crni_Drachen managed to create a socialist state which will consist of whole ruminian lands, but people of RMCA didn't supported them and attempt to create a new nation was unsuccessful.


In April 2017 part of ruminian lands were captured by separatist forces of Winduzastika and government of RMCA lost control of them. After that, General Secretary Crni_Drachen had a conversation with some ruminian people and then decided to disband RMCA and create the new socialist state to unite ruminians of the whole server and return captured clay back. In 20.04 Democratic Republic of Ruminia was born.

DRR is situated in south-west of Alpha's Realm and occupies large piece of clay with forests, swamps, jungles, mountains, plains and deserts. There are some villages and towns made by ruminian people. Most of them are made in 2016.



The main city of DRR and its capital built by WheatleyMyFriend. Consist of many huge commieblocks based on real-life. There are also some farms and 'industrial area' made by Nightdanger.


  • WheatleyMyFriend
  • Yews.
Novi Beograd

Big commieblock city and main industrial area of DRR built and governed by Crni_Drachen. Located in plains and swamps south of Vitlevsk. Features some factories, huge granary and monuments.


  • Crni_Drachen
  • Qwych
  • Yews

Small yew village which was discovered and claimed by Crni_Drachen.


Located on a platform in Tropical Sea; was meant to be modern-styled. Currently inactive.


  • Pumba

It is a small fortress-like town built by KROLant. Located south of Pumba-city.


  • KROLant

The most “populated” and oldest settlement. Can be found in a forest south to Techtopia.Now it is abandoned.


Perdyushino's suburbs located to the west. Currently actively expanding by Nightdanger, CryWolf_YT and naswai.


  • Nightdanger
  • Naswai
  • CryWolf_YT


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  • MegaZerg
  • Crni_Drachen
  • Nightdanger
  • 3JIou_Kpunep
  • _iVAN2002_
  • CryWolf_YT
  • WheatleyMyFriend
  • TrueMemer
  • FriendlyWithMeat
  • PsyhoChered
  • Aquari


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