Location Map position
Capital Genova
Italiano (cirillico)
Demonyn Mercyan
Government Direct Democracy
Emissario Paper
Establishment 2021-04-09 (ISO 8601)
Motto [Insert something here]
Population 3

Mercymnius is the continuation on Harmony of the homonymous nation in Alpha's realm.
Its capital is Genova. This Nation gathers under its flag (most) of the Italian players on the server.


Mercymnius was founded on 2021-04-09 on the coast of Sanbucca Sea when Paper, Shiy4n, and DocMerlus needed a new home after the restitution of their hometown to the rightful owner Feliin.
And so it was.

Major events

Mercymnius lies in a peaceful piece of land, so nothing important happens.

The Nation is situated in the Prepontia Continent, more specifically in the Birch forest and it's touched by the Sanbucca Sea.
It is quite hilly but it has a big plain in the south-west side of the country.

When a person wants to give a question to the entire population, this can be answered through a poll in the group of Telegram in which to give his opinion and then to enforce it.
In this Democracy, however, not many know the geopolitical situation of the server therefore it creates a figure called “Emissario”, I.E. a person who speaks on behalf of the Nation only after giving a Question ( i.e. a poll ).
The powers of the Emissary, combined with the knowledge of the Server Paper, can make it look like a leader.
However, it is nothing more than a spiritual leader who has no real executive powers.

A real economy doesn't exist, but a Stone Factory is working.

The entirety of the citizens in the nation is ethnically defined as Etruskians.



  • Paper, Emissario;
  • Shiy4n, WOMAN;
  • DocMerlus
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