Belrunian Federation
Flag of Belrunia
Capital Nemtsov
Official Languages English, Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian
Demonyn Belrunian
Government Parliament Federation
Leader Leader - Kloware, Head of Smolny Buyan - Kamenev, Head of Nemtsov - andrey14, Head of Herbe - Caenn, Head of Aldivan - ElijahTR, Head of ArleKingdom - ArleKing , Head of Doschatoye - ZenDos, Head of Sviancany - KROlant
Establishment unofficialy:13.04.20, officially:10.05.20
Population active- 15, everyone - 17
Abbreviation Belrunia


Belrunia was founded at East of Spawn at april. People comes to this land from Far East Lands.


Located at Restless Sea and Weed Bay. Divided into 7 parts:

Capital town Nemtsov
Herbe Scientific Region
ArleKingdom Republic
Doschatoye Village Autonomy
Aldivan Republic
Sviancany Village Autonomy
Neko-Neko Islands

Map of Belrunia

NekoNeko's Archipelago

Map of Belrunia


Democratic form of Government gives us a Freedom and big capabilities. We don't follow conventional rules, everyone of us can reform our Nation!


Diamon ds, Iron, Emeralds, Coal, Cobblestone, Bones, Railway Building, etc.


Our nation left malicious tyrant, who lives at East of Map. He killed and ate thousands of babies! We love our past nation culture and safe it. Our new Cathedral really large and graceful. Our Faith overwhelming, we're ready for anything.


Kloware, andrey14, Caenn, Kamenev, Yarishe, _Meetra, AHTOXA2011(unactive), ALENKA2011(unactive), ElijahTR3, Killjoy0508, ZenDos, Sobaka, ArleKing, AnnaLee, Pe4enie_, plays, KROlant

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