Commonwealth of Bluehaven

Commonwealth of BluehavenComhlathas Gormhæfen
Capital Afenminster ( de facto )
Official Languages English
Demonyn Bluehavener
Government Elective Monarchy
Leader Viceroy Hino_Arashi
Great Council
Establishment 3-27-2016
Population ~6

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Viceroy of Bluehaven

The Viceroy is the Chief Magistrate serving as Head of State and head of all government institutions of Bluehaven. The position is elected by the Great Council, compromising members taken from the ruling house of Bluehaven. While the Viceroy is autocratic, the Viceroy must take a pledge when elected. As a result, all powers of the Viceroy are granted by the Great Council and people of Bluehaven. While the Viceroy is ultimately the chief decision maker, they should usually listen to the Great Council, making the two roughly equal in power.

Great Council of Bluehaven

The Great Council is a political organ of the Commonwealth of Bluehaven. Participation as a councilor is established as a hereditary right, exclusive to the patrician families enrolled as Bluehavener nobility in the Golden Book. Eligibility for enrollment is subject to the three following requirements:

  1. They must pay the regency fee.
  2. They must be an established merchant.
  3. They must have approval of a council in session.

Currently, only the House of Gormster, an Aspergian dynasty, is acknowledged within the Golden Book.

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