Yeti30 trying to speak English

Yeti30 is a probably mentally handicapped german who likes to ask for tps. He is known for speaking german only and his huge number of typos. He is a very special boy as he is the only player on the server who has THE SHINING, which allows him to build non-euclidean buildings that will make your head explode. Hence, his autism is generally considered as the magic rainbow evil of the server.

<autism> Online (6/89): BearMonger Bragzor Hinoarashi Rosenmann lootman yeti30
<autism> <yeti30> brag anfurz
  • ehm leute
  • ich lösch dich gleich
  • gaymod
  • ppa niggerpresident
  • kot ente
  • ich hab zahn weh
  • darf ich aretee hauen
  • ich bin kein nazi
  • jeder kann fragen ,,ich bin sozial
  • dan hör auf deinen penis immer gegen den server zu hauen aretee
  • desu still du nigger
  • du bist mein liebliebings bär
  • ficker
  • ohnein ficker
  • wil jemand mit mir was machen
  • dust your are psyschowoman
  • Dust your ass is so big, with the possible to cover the ozone hole
  • Dust you have a penis nose out if you sneezes cum squirts
  • du fickst tiere
  • vaginal pilz
  • ochsen hoden in entons mund
  • nimm ihn in den mund
  • your sausage fits 5 times around the globe
  • fotze von und zu feucht
  • fuckin you/fuckin anal
  • youre ar saftladen
  • you vagina-bear
  • woman have bagina
  • Sid my gayputinface
  • paper is a anal snake
  • enton me analspiderpig
  • backe backe kuchen den juden musste suchen
  • enton pisst aus auch und kackt aus penis
  • you woody allen fan
  • glitschi is always full hot when I fart
  • you're are dildo Queen
  • enton smoke dildo in mund
  • Psyduck is jealous of me because I have the penis sizes

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