Flag of Swampland
Capital Marshbeau
Official Languages English, Russian
Demonyn Swampers
Government Headmaster of Swampland
Leader acidtripper7
Establishment unofficially: 04-04-2020, officially: 02-05-20
Population ~5-6
Abbreviation SW

Swampland was founded to take part in nationplay on Harmony in the 2nd of May.

Geography of Swampland is pretty much the same as geography of Marshbeau, its capital. Swamps are the most common, but also surroundings are presented by the roofed forest from the west side, plains in the east and deserts in the north and west outside of that little forest.

Lots of gold, iron, memeralds and diamonds.

Defend the wilds!

acidtripper7, voldedor, PinkPufarine, rubzeek, pizza_pie

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