Kingdom of Mū

Kingdom of Mū
Kingdom of Mū
Capital Lemuria
Official Languages English
Demonyn Lemurian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Leader La Mu BearMonger
Establishment May 4th 2020
Population 17
Abbreviation Mu

The Kingdom of Mū was the very first - albeit at the time unofficial - nation established in Harmony. Once nations were officially allowed to grow and recruit, Mū also quickly became the largest nation in terms of members until, on May 12th, the newly established nation Belrunia claimed that title with 11 members.
Territory Map This map depicts the national and extra-territorial claims of the Kingdom of Mū as of June 3rd, 2020.

Discovering a Continent

The Kingdom of Mū is said to occupy an ancient, lost continent on Alpha's Realm. Little is known about this land, except that it vanished in the early days of the map due to some unknown cataclysm. With the discovery of a new realm, Harmony, the explorer, inventor, and redstone autist premier BearMonger set out on a journey to find new lands to settle. After sailing across a vast ocean (more like a pond but whatever), BearMonger stumbled upon a beautiful, virgin landmass covered in forests and split by several waterways to the northwest of Spawn. Upon carefully surveying this new land, he found mysterious ruins and signs of ancient habitation which seemed to correspond to the fabled, lost civilization of Mū. With bountiful resources and safety from the endless demonic hoards of monsters occupying and surrounding Spawn, BearMonger decided to reestablish the Kingdom of Mū; intent on uncovering its ancient mysteries. He began by founding the Port Town of Mykal, situated to the east of the continent.

Founding a Nation

The Port Town of Mykal was established by La Mu BearMonger himself on April 1st 2020 of the CAE (Common Autist Era), upon which he focused on constructing the elaborate Crescent Bay Harbor.

Within the first days, fellow adventurer Austrocat from Alpha's Realm was invited to collaborate in order to form a future nation. He agreed to do so after finishing his first settlement way south of Spawn but then left for some time, until he reappeared to confirm his wish to join the budding nation on May 3rd, choosing a river shore midway between Jusnothertry and Crescent Bay Harbor to start his settlement within the nation's territory.

Meanwhile, April 4th saw Jinxauthor_Mel joining the future nation and establishing the settlement Jusnothertry on a small island in the continent's northeast. This new member worked actively and soon formed friendly bonds with their northern neighbor, so that the two decided to connect their settlements by an underground rail.

On April 22nd, said neighbor ManicHexe announced that he wished to become a nomad but would like his settlement to remain intact and cared for. Therefore, he asked La Mu BearMonger to annex Ishkas into the Kingdom of Mū. He agreed to join the nation, went on to journey and remained missing until checking in on June 4th, when he formally joined the clan but did not state any intention of staying around.

During the first days of May, an amateur explorer named Dzidman shipwrecked at the continent's easternmost cap and, after managing to survive, decided to remain on solid ground and build himself a stately fort. Upon discovering the new neighbor when Austrocat announced his chosen location on May 4th, Dzidman was informed about the nation and later decided to accept the invitation to join by La Mu BearMonger as well as recruiting his friend Commit to do the same.

On May 8th, having heard by word of mouth about the kingdom and some members, kzmaderl requested a tour on the grounds of considering joining our nation. Later that same day, upon conferring with La Mu BearMonger, the request was granted, raising the population of the Kingdom of Mū to eight and thus setting it up as the “largest nation on the server”, as the La Mu noted, with currently the most - and also the most active - members. Having no particular plans of her own yet, kzmaderl starts out with a dwelling on the eastern edge of Jusnothertry.

Having taken over the management of the Territory of Ishkas, Rosenmann was formally invited to join the kingdom and accepted on May 24th. As governor of Ishkas he oversees three more citizens who have not expressed a wish to join the clan yet but are considered de-facto members of the nation.

During the first week of September, Governor Dzidman invited several Polish acquaintances to build in the Kingdom of Mū but failed spectacularly at providing them information about either the nation's politics, laws, or even geography. Thus they ended up building in the area of the subdivision Lemuria that was set aside for the future development of the capital, and executed some major terraforming near and in Transmykalia. After lengthy discussion with La Mu on September 5th, the group agreed to move to and develop the subdivision Otaheit. It has been suggested to have their buildings relocated to new places there as well, but the first magical attempts of the Staff ended in failure. In case this cannot be changed, La Mu agreed to allow some of the structures to remain at least until the capital will be developed in Lemuria, with the condition that when that time comes and buildings are in the way, they must be removed.

Deciding a Government

Having avoided the issue since the La Mu's declaration on May (see 'Justice System'), Count Austrocat of Transmykalia and Governor Jinxauthor_Mel of Jusnothertry formed a de-facto regency council during the La Mu's absence and penned a constitution in August 2020, therein confirming the absolute monarchy and providing for a council's regency during the La Mu's absence. La Mu BearMonger approved of the content, and the Constitution of the Kingdom of Mū went into effect on August15, 2020.

Facilitating a Decline

Due to increasing instances of absence, from the leader to the lowest, the Kingdom of Mū gradually declined in representation until at some point it no longer qualified as a nation and was put on the 'dead nations' list by the realm's authorities.

Accepting a Demise

On April 22nd 2023, Governor Jinxauthor_Mel of Jusnothertry upon an unplanned return recognized and accepted the state of affairs and decided to remove the national border markers of the former Kingdom of Mū in order to free the land for independent claiming.

The nation called Kingdom of Mū no longer exists. As such, the following descriptions are to be read as historical data only and no longer valid to date.

Continent of Mū


This continent appears to have a temperate climate, with hilly terrain covered in thick forests of oak and birch trees. Mū is separated into several regions by zigzagging waterways that connect directly to the ocean and seem to form ideal lanes of shipping and transport across the landmass. They have been marked for future development.
The landmass also has several beaches, with undiscovered ruins and monuments off the coast left behind by peoples long gone. Various ores can be found deep underground and in naturally occurring caves throughout Mū. Who knows what else may be waiting to be discovered?

Extra-Territorial Claims

As various members of the Kingdom of Mū started setting up small homes around Harmony before deciding to join the nation, the Staff allowed that those be listed as belonging to the nation. These territories may not be developed beyond their immediate current borders according to the settlement regulations but may be defended with national resources if encroached upon. (These small enclaves are marked on the territory map.)

  • Rosedale was Austrocat's first home.
  • kzmaderl started out in Maderl and still prefers the cooler climate there, hence considering this her actual home for the time being.
  • La Mu BearMonger discovered a promising resource when he set out from Spawn in search of the continent of Mū and later spent a lot of effort and material on developing the underwater factory Skelfa to which infrastructure will be built from the kingdom's territory.


Existing Subdivisions as of June 3rd 2020
Places and River Denominations
  • The first settlement established on Mū's landmass was the Port Town of Mykal.
  • On April 4th, Jinx's settlement Jusnothertry joined.
  • Mū's northern neighbor Ishkas was annexed at ManicHexe's request on April 22nd.
  • Bahía de Putas, constructed by Dzidman with the mining assistance of Commit, quickly developed into a respectable local landmark, along with the giant oak tree Domb Bartek Commit persuaded with much perseverance and care to grow on a small sandbank just north of the fort.
  • The County of Transmykalia with its capital New Crossing in the middle of the continent is being developed by Austrocat. As he happened to choose just the place where the capital of the Kingdom of Mū was supposed to be established, the idea of having it become the heart of the future city has been discussed. It is not yet definite, since a few other locations look rather promising for a capital as well.
  • As of September 6th, Otaheit is being settled and developed by the Polish Peers.

The Kingdom of Mū is an absolute monarchy with a monarch who holds the title of La Mu. The La Mu is BearMonger and the title non-transferable. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Mū serves as legislation, primarily as guidance for the kingdom's citizens and to provide for regency during the La Mu's absence.
Statements and Orders by the LaMu or the Council of Ministers will be posted under Announcements, the activity of the Council of Ministers can be followed under Council Bills and Logs, and decisions put up to public opinion will be posted under Voting.

Justice System

Some citizens of the kingdom discovered on May 24th that turning off friendly fire within a clan can only be managed by the clan leader, enabling La Mu to easily suppress direct attacks among his people should he so desire, and keeping his citizens from forceful rebellion while still members of the clan.

On the topic of proper representation by penning a constitution:
La(w) Mu

However, in accordance with the Constitution of August 2020, legal texts of the Kingdom will be posted under National Laws and Subdivisional Laws.

National Affairs

On May 31st, Austrocat was granted the title of Count by La Mu BearMonger.

International Relations

Up to May 7th, relations with other budding nations have been cordial and respectful. However, May 8th saw a skirmish around Bahía de Putas with non-nation residents ALWX and Rofler, who took offense at having their unfinished, floating, artificial and - at this time - square island north of Spawn called a “cancer” by Dzidman and came to his fort to check out what kind of builder dared make such a comment. They arrived fully equipped for battle - as witnessed by La Mu BearMonger - and engaged in verbal and prank-level harassment, causing the nation members Dzidman and Commit to test their fort's defenses and fend off the intruders.
While the encounter was resolved that way without any deaths caused and apparently to the satisfaction of both sides, resentment remains among the residents of Mū especially against the more determined Rofler. In a later debate about the incident with the leader of Swampland slight tensions arose due to differing opinions, leading to acidtripper7 commenting that, “War might not be that far off, after all.”

Embassy Plans

As the administrator of the Spawn District, feliin invited nations to hand in documentation of their respective embassy projects. On May 1st, a council was held among the citizens of the kingdom concerning the topic, and tentative plans for a 20×20 plot (if possible at the beach) holding a somewhat smaller renaissance-type building with several stories were decided upon and mailed to feliin.
A definitive date, design or constructor has yet to be set.

Mū's spacious lands allow plenty of living space as well as room for farming and industry. Its ample caves and natural resources such as wood make it largely self-sufficient.
Various farms in all subdivisions provide for the residents as well as trade goods, and on May 24th all current settlements were connected by nether portals in order to facilitate national exchange.

Position Active Inactive
Officers Austrocat
Citizens AlaKremuwkaa
Census 8 9
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