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Winduzastikan Federation

Winduzastikan FederationВиндузастическая Федерация
Windúzastika Föderáció
 Coat of Arms
April 20, 2017 - August 9, 2018
Preceded by:
Ruminian Union
Democratic Republic of Ruminia
Neko-City Republic
Succeeded by:
Winduzastikan Empire
Ruminian Confederation
Capital Faryagrad
National Anthem Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Official Languages Hungarian
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
Ruling Party Damtserloba
Leaders Prime Minister Anhud Jerdn
Federal President Robert "Azalilil" Osmolovsky
Population 3(registered)
15(including the dead)
Abbreviation WND
Location -2900, 2460

Winduzastikan Federation (or Winduzastika for short) is a nation in Alpha Realm's middle west, composed of 3 main states, 6 smaller districts and covering more than 3.5 square kilometers. The capital and the most populated city of Winduzastika is Faryagrad.

Pre-nation era

Main page: Ruminian Union

All of the central regions of Winduzastika were at some point a part of Ruminian Union. Notely, Faryagrad was its capital since 2016, which led to a bunch of conflicts with Crni_Drachen's DRR, and still worries certain ex-Ruminian conservatives. Even though the culture standards vastly changed after Winduzastikan Federation was formed, Ruminian historical objects can still be found in various settlements around its territory.


First maps of a theoretical Winduzastikan state, made by Robert “Azalilil” Osmolovsky, date back to November 2016. The MGP Village - now Borne-Sulinowo, the first capital of Winduzastika - was founded way earlier in June 2016 though.

Actual plans of creating a nation were discussed by Robert with Anhud in February-March 2017. The reason for that were the cultural similarities in Borne-Sulinowo, Faryagrad & Gopinsk regions - some historians even think that over time they became home to a whole new nationality branch named Ruminian Faryans. The nation itself was planned to be heavily based around Gopnik TV and other such arts, but the idea was scrapped due to the threats from Ruminian Union's government.

In April 2017 the separatist ideas were reconsidered again, due to the communistic ideas being estabilished in Ruminian Union by its leader, Crni_Drachen. According to all known sources, on April 14 a clandestine organization called The Order of Winduzastika was created with its member being Robert Osmolovsky himself, Anhud, PIXhedgie, and other various supporters of the independence idea. The organization's goal was to discuss all the main problems of creating a sovereign state, and that goal was accomplished within a few days. Coincidentally, on the night of April 20, 2017 Crni basically reformed the entire Ruminian Union into a new nation, which allowed Anhud to safely declare Winduzastikan Federation independent.

At the exact moment of the nation's formation, Robert Osmolovsky wasn't able to officially join it as soon as possible. Therefore, Faryagrad Republic and Mjasorubia Region only united a few hours after the declaration of independence itself. A few days after that, Lopatny Okrug and Neko-city Republic, ruled by WheatleyMyFriend and Anatolgol3 accordingly, also joined Winduzastikan Federation due to the aggression from Crni_Drachen's side.

Defense plan, presumably made by Robert Osmolovsky after the Neko-City invasion. April 2017. Found in Borne-Sulinowo

Conflicts with Democratic Republic of Rumine

Shortly after remaking RMCU into DRR, Crni_Drachen decided to claim the Winduzastikan lands back, especially Faryagrad - the former RMCA capital, which led to a war between the nations, starting on April 20 already. The only “battle” happened in Neko-city on April 22 and was basically just Anatolgol and some DRR army leadears beating each other and griebing stuff around them. A siege of Gopinsk was also planned, but then DRR just abandoned the idea and died out soon. That allowed settlements such as Vitlevsk, Novi Beograd and others join Winduzastika in May 2017.

The Perdostan problem

There was a bit of a hassle regarding Perdyushino and Zaperdyushie, especially considering their rapid growth. The towns were also located close to Techtopia and generally were a point which could lead to Spawn City. The problem formally ended in August: a wall between Winduzastikan mainland and Perdyushino was started, but rollbacked shortly after due to the Spawn Alteration Day. After that, the lands of East Perdostan were completely abandoned by everyone.

Separatist movements in Neko-city

On January 5, 2018, Anatolgol, the leader of Neko-city region, decided to declare his lands independent out of nowhere, especially considering they were otherwise relatively empty. The reasoning behind that was him “being tired of activity imitations and political shit”. This led to a quick foundation of two new settlements in the region, Ferencia and Jefdale. They were made basically as a barrier: during TSE and NCR times Anatolgol was claiming tons of empty clay everywhere, so that was heavily taken into account. The conflict was frozen for a while due to Winduzastikan government having different opinions on whether to recognize the independence of Neko-City or not and ended with Anatolgol and his lands joining Mondsteinberg.

Current time

As of April 2018, Winduzastikan Federation is in a generally stable, although a somewhat inactive state. Territorial conflicts aren't really a thing anymore, even though the nation slowly keeps (formally) expanding for unknown reasons. It should also be noted that Winduzastika didn't get to actually participate in any wars since Terra battles, so the army has been in a stagnant state for a while.

Winduzastika owns a bit of land on the west - the Old Ur Jungle and some surrounding biomes - a jungle, a swamp and a chunk of taiga. There are also some towns made by Azalilil separated from the main landmass.

These territories are divided into 11 main federal districts, which are then divided into smaller regions.

Administrative division on 1 level
Administrative division on 2 level

Federal Regions

Faryagrad District

 Flag of Faryagrad Republic Faryagrad Republic - capital region of Faryagrad District, the entirety of Winduzastikan Federation in general and the former Ruminian Union as well. Was the first region to be officially claimed as Winduzastikan Territory; most of the lands weren't recognized until the end of the war with Democratic Republic of Ruminia.


  • Faryagrad - capital city of the country, founded by Anhud back in June 2016.
  • Pumbavar - a modern sea platform originally constructed by Pumbaa.
  • Kap Dun - planned

Despotism of Borne-Sulinowo

 Flag of Despotism of Borne-Sulinowo Despotism of Borne Sulinowo is a region located in the south-eastern part of the nation. During the Ruminean Union, most of it was part of the Autonomic state of the Eastern Desert. It is the birthplace of the theoretical Winduzastikan statehood and is one of main current political centers of the nation.
The lands are being entirely controlled by R. Osmolovsky, even though individual settlements sometimes can be more or less autonomic.


  • Borne-Sulinowo - capital city of the region, built by R. Osmolovsky in 2016. During the Ruminian times was known as MGP Village Windoozastikja.
  • Charmstadt - western-styled village built by Gexon_pane. Currently is in a more or less ruined state, though still habitable.
  • Zorrland - jungle area bordering Borne-Sulinowo. Mostly used as a plot for different farms.
  • Baomeris - a yew village located in the southern part of the desert. Is directly connected to Borne-Sulinowo by a railroad.

Gopinsk Region

 Flag of Gopinsk Gopinsk Region - a western taiga region, explored in the beginning of 2017. Connects the rest of the western districts to the mainland by bordering the neutral Winduzastikan-Ruminian city of Kohlburg, though the Faryagrad - Kohlburg - Gopinsk line is yet to be built.


  • Gopinsk - a settlement in a taiga, located away from the main Faryagrad lands. Was supposed to be connected to the spawn via an overworld rail and to different regions of Winduzastika as well, but the development was absolutely halted due to problems related to map changing, which in the end never happened. The nearest suburbs are called Makhachkala town, and were built as a decoy during conflicts with NCR back in 2017.

Kelet Republic

 Flag of Kelet Republic Kelet Republic is the northernmost region of the nation, which borders the Perdostan lands of New Ruminia. The nearby area was up to dispute due to the expansion of Perdsk city and almost led to a war between the nation, but in the end the region was divided between the governments and the conflict was settled.
It should be noted that Kelet Republic is the closest to settlements such as Techtopia, which is why the region still might get developed further and connected to the spawn.


  • Kellegrad - a small medieval-ish village in the middle of the taiga; currently being built by gexon_pane.

Khasavyurt Republic

 Flag of Khasavürt Khasavyurt Republic (also known as Khasavürt) - consists of perspectively glorious resort territories, the development of which started early in April 2018. Is planned to be filled with farms and government countryhouses.
In the future Khasavyurt will most likely get connected to the Winduzastikan mainland by an underwater rail.


  • Khasavyurt - a resort village constructed by Azalilil in the record time of 2 days due to using newly developed efficient building techniques.

Inner Miklosia Free State

 Flag of Inner Miklosia Inner Miklosia is a western district, located south to Gopinsk Region. It is planned to combine trais both of western and eastern culture in Wlochia Megye and Buddha Palace respectively.
It should also be noted that Inner Miklosia is the only region which allows for transportation to Zimbabwe by land.

Postes LAO

 Flag of Postes LAO Postes LAO (Liberális autonóm objektum Postes) occupies a part of a peninsula to the east of Faryagrad Republic. It was claimed during the Ruminian Union estabilishment in May 2018 and was deemed to be the optimal point for connection of the Winduzastikan lands to the rest of the world.

Kampuchea State

 Flag of Kampuchea Kampuchea State is a coastal region located near the Despotism of Borne-Sulinowo. It will be the main industial and agraric region of the nation in the future, as well as a connection to Khasavyurt.

Great Meritocratic Khanate of Ungernia

 Flag of Ungernia Great Meritocratic Khanate of Ungernia is a south-eastern area of the nation which practices cult of the personality of now deceased Baron von Ungern-Sternberg. The culture and architecture of the region in general is planned to be buddhistic.

Sakramaria Republic

 Flag of Sakramaria Sakramaria Republic is the southernmost region of Winduzastika, which was in the past a part of the Great Sakramaria Protectorate, a natural reserve. The area is going to be the culture center of the far south-east, filled with museums, statues, etc.

Since the nation's estabilishment Winduzastikan foreign policy was based on aggression directed to other nations if they were aspiring to conquer and claim the Federation's lands. After a while, due to the absence of such states, Winduzastikan government could finally form a proper doctrine of foreign policy as follows: currently the nation is being more or less neutral and isn't aiming to join any military alliances aside from those created by the Federation itself; during wars Winduzastika will primarily seek benefits for itself, though the nation can join forces with others if it decides so.

It should also be noted that Winduzastikan foreign policy is heavily directed against communism in general.

Ruminian Confederation

Winduzastikan relations with the RC and all of its current members fluctuate really often. As of now, they are really unstable as a lot of border conflicts appeared again and the one of RC's main leaders, Crni_Drachen, keeps calling people names and generally acts weirdly, which is, of course, preventing any diplomatic progress. On the other side, Winduzastika is on more or less okay terms with Republic of Neko-City even despite all the previous problems with it, as it is the most diplomatically active state of the Confederation - which obviously makes things easier for everyone.

Moloch Worshipping Cult

The leader of Moloch Worshipping Cult, or HRC, has been treating Winduzastika as an enemy - at first this was caused by allying with Thule, and then just devolved into a hatred for no apparent reason. After multiple bombings around the world and constant threats - not only to Winduzastika, but other countries as well - Winduzastikan government officially had to refer to HRC as a terroristic organization. Although, of course, the Federation will do everything possible ensure that the citizens and their resources take no damage during possible attacks.

Winduzastika's economy has been stagnant for long periods of time. However, there are plans for exporting different resources in bulk and setting up different stores.

At some point a local currency was planned to be introduced, but that idea was scrapped over time.

It is mostly believed that the culture of Winduzastikan Federation descended from various traditions and ideas of the Ruminian-Faryan people. But of course, it developed by itself as well during the nation's history, and thus there are now different cultural objects which are sort of unique to Winduzastika only.


The topic of religion is rarely discussed in Winduzastika these days, but it played a major role during the nation's foundation. The main religion of the nation is Venuzianity, which states that the only existing god is Yung Venuz, who will at some point nuke the entire world. The explosion will only leave a few chosen survivors left, who will then acquire immortality and a bunch of guns to shoot whatever is still moving, move to Y.V's Crib and live happily ever after.

Venuzianity was directly related to the nation's symbolism, which is especially noticeable on the old flag, as it features a triangle with a minimalistic eye in its very center.

The religion itself is believed to have formed in the region of Borne-Sulinowo. The city itself is home to a few monuments dedicated to Venuzianity and its god, such as the First Venuzian Church and a flat statue of Y.V.; a pixel-art similar to it can also be found in Masomasonsk City, Masonia Dominion.

National language

In order to create even more national heritage, Robert Osmolovsky along with Anhud started to work on a standalone Winduzastikan language. It is structured similarly to different Finno-Ugric languages and is also loosely based on Hungarian, Russian and English. The alphabet consists of 26 Latin letters and 8 special symbols.

Even though no official vocabularies or grammar manuals have been published yet, the new national anthem is written in Winduzastikan, as seen here:

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Đide döwlet, ideqi y Nep,
Eppa razarąqi forqeqö
Đide döwlet, ideqi y Nep,
Eppa taqad mei ih'qa danё

Mei irumand paxas meraq
Paxas meraq noxni Nep
Fĭaroq' sar na Döwletdoxin
Dentorąqdoxin sarąq

Mei irukfasuri
Döwletdoxin cseet
Vĭndustan iq'xorsa
Jak Xorsaq' niever

Đide döwlet, ideqi y Nep,
Eppa razarąqi forqeqö
Đide döwlet, ideqi y Nep,
Eppa taqad mei ih'qa danё

(Note: the anthem uses older forms of cases, such as -doxin instead of -dox.)

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Registered with a passport:

  1. Azalilil
  2. anhud
  3. gexon_pane

Non-registered(or have an expired passport):

  1. Horthy_Miklos
  2. Ruslanzh
  3. Zorreta
  4. kozinakus


  1. Mike731
  2. Cheese
  3. BrotherItachi
  4. GAZ
  5. Litvin
  6. PCooLive
  7. Terrohin
  8. Em_e_rald
  9. GuyNormus

Note: a player counts as registered if they were given a passport at a Winduzastikan MFC in Faryagrad or Borne-Sulinowo. If a player was given a passport, but didn't come back to renew it due to inactivity on the server, they may be considered dead.

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