The Holy Sivernian Empire

The Holy Sivernian Empire
Motto Sivernia Erit In Orbe Ultima
Capital Siverny le Château
Official Languages English
Demonyn Sivernian
Silvernian (in Breshiakan)
National Anthem
Government Imperial rule
Ruling House none for now
Leaders Archdukes and Princes (for now)
Establishment February 2018
Population 8
Abbreviation HSE
Nationball none atm

The Holy Sivernian Empire is the unification of many old nations thus becoming one large political entity. The empire is comprising the Venerable Kingdom of Breshik, the Venerable Kingdom of Kriegstein, the county of Klamdau, the Kingdom of new Badfacia (Eastern Freehold), the Oligarchy of New Finngolia, the Kingdom of Winterlyn, the free city of Östro, and the Bishop Principate of the Rosenisle. Its capital is Siverny le Château, yet to become one of the most beautiful city on the server.

In the dawn of 2018 three accomplished builders Sidmarcus, PPA and Speermen decided to make a conjoint effort to build a very fine city on the old territory of the city state of Siverny le Château. In their will to make an autistic masterpiece they decided to create an imperial state comprising their old holdings. Many people like Austrobernd, Niller, Tomoko, Venomthrope and others, joined their effort in making this Empire a land where the sun never sets….

The large land of the empire comprise all the holdings of the previously quoted states that made a huge part of Alpharealm's history. A proper map will be published soon.

The Empire is led by the emperor, followed by his advisors. The emperor is elected by electors, whom are archdukes, prince electors and Prince bishops. The emperor rule is 3 month long, after that time, another election is made, Archdukes, Princes electors and Prince Bishop are of course privilegied as candidates (by precedence).

However any of the formal Empire high ranking houses may have a chance to present a candidate.

The Holy Sivernian empire is a full pledged political power that aims to restore the balance in the server's political life. It's final aim is to instore a rule where beautiful urbanism and peace are working in concert. To instore that Pax Sivernia the empire is ready to use diplomacy, or war.

The imperial economy is quite gargantuan as it is summing up all the acculumated wealth of the former countries it is made of. Moreover some individual practice a thriving trading activity.

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