Post-Venesian Republic

Rule abuse bans

Due to persistent rule abuse the players in this nation are banned from nationplay. Players involved in abusive actions by this clan are banned from the server. A doc detailing their crime can be found here.

Post-Venesian RepublicПост-Венецианская Республика
February 4, 2019 - nowadays
Preceded by: Venesian Kingdom
Capital Phantom Cliff
Official Languages Broken English, Russian
Regional Languages Chechen, Ukrainian, French, Romanian, Estonian, Portuguese
Demonym Venetians, Post-Vens
Government Mixed Republic
President d1oxide
Population 10
Abbreviation PVR

Post-Venesian Republic or just PVR — is a state inherited from the Venesian Kingdom vassals, which has gone to pieces in September 27, 2018. Now this country unites almost all of it's former members and turned into republic. It is located in the western part of Alpha Realm.

Autumnal Crisis

After dissolution of Venesian Kingdom former members went their separate ways. Most of them had formed TCFP order, which became a new temporary assembly for everyone who was interested in the state's future. They hid in place called Witch Village. But everyone needed a break, and residence of the Venetians came to minimum. After, Nota I had destroyed all of communications between whilom vassals, he himself left the game and left all of Venetians by their own. That was the beggining of the Autumnal Crisis. For around 4-5 months Venetians were separated and didn't have any leadriship between them. Meanwhile they had found a great precursor warehouse which became a new main place for remain members, now it's called Sunny Rock.

A monument dedicated to the first discoverers

Dawn Of The Venetians

All of this should have stopped. After many disscussions between erstwhile residents and vassals of Venesian Bay and Venesian Kingdom, all of people unanimously decided to establish democracy in the new awaited nation. On February 4nd, new expedition led by young trailblazer Gugra had established a new castle, pluralistically, new capital. Now it's known as Phantom Cliff and serve as significant political machine of whole state. There was also established a new settlement right by the main mountainy area, known as Venden.


After some stagnation in the life of the PVR nation, several members of the nation came out to form the organization SYFB(Society of Yugoslavian Football and Basketball). Don't even try to understand this nation name :)

After the Venetians became objectionable to such individuals as Salah and feliin, it was decided to ban the entire nation. The reasons for the ban have not been said. From now on, the nation is dead. Thanks to everyone who played. Thanks Fobey, dovasko, Synergy, nota. Thanks to everyone who tried to help us. Thanks to those who were in the nation. Bye everyone, I hope someday there will be freedom.

We entered into a non-aggression pact with HERETICAL RASHIDUN CALIPHATE

Entire Boundaries

Main lands
Venesian Bay
Witch Village


Salah's Enclave
Mosque (Masjid/Mechet)

The Enclave(shown in picture on the left) is not part of Post-Venesian Republic due to The Bay Pact

The Mosque (shown in the picture on the left) and the Salah's Enclave(shown in picture on the left) are not parts of Post-Venesian Republic due to PIGSTY OF GROWTH TREATY II

Salah's portal at x:11150 z:820 is not part of Post-Venesian Republic

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