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The Holy Danikan Commonwealth

The Holy Danikan Commonwealth Other or Former Names:
Commonwealth of Greater Alpharealm
Danikian Federation
Eastern Commonwealth
Flag of the Commonwealth
CoA of the Commonwealth
Location Mostly in the East
Capital none
Center of Administration Nova Bydlograd
National Launguage English
Regional Languages German
Demonym Danikan
Government Constitutional Elective monarchy
Head of the Union Kaiser Shakomatic
Religion Varies by State
Establishment April 16th 2015
Population last census: 10~ habitual, 40ish?
Currency Commonwealth Forint
Clantag ECW
Anthem Sic Semper Tyrannis
Shako spent many $hekel$ to buy this flag for his house

The Holy Danikan Commonwealth, former officially known as Eastern Commonwealth, or simplified The Commonwealth is a union of diffrent entities, ranged from Nations, Citystates and Settlments alike. Mostly represented in the North-Eastern corner on the continent Ur, is was formed during the War of Cærulean Agression by the federalization of the Commonwealth of Breshik into separate states. After the end of the Silverian war the Commonwealth set out on a mission of expansion and solidification of their position in the East. This ran into problems with the leader of the nation of Calisia who had supported the Commonwealth in the war against the silverny-Caerulia Alliance. Now an Enderian vassal, the Calisian lord tomoko proceeded to draw the Commonwealth into a prolonged war during a regency period.

The “Holy Danikan Commonwealth” draws its name from a number of historical and cultural attributes. The Term Danikan refers to the Danikan people who trace a common lineage back to the Dwarves of Old Danik or the Peoples of the Breshikan empire. The Term Holy refers to the general Christian heritage of the Commonwealth with all of its states practicing either Catholicism or lutheranism.

The Commonwealth was formed during the War of Cærulean Agression by the federalization of the Commonwealth of Breshik into separate states. After the end of the Silverian war the Commonwealth set out on a mission of expansion and solidification of their position in the East. This ran into problems with the leader of the nation of Calisia who had supported the Commonwealth in the war against the Silverny-Caerulia Alliance. Tomoko, then an Enderian vassal, proceeded to draw the Commonwealth into a prolonged war during a regency period, which ended in a catastrophal defeat in the First-Commonwealth Ender War. The period of the founding to the end of the war is considered as the time of the Early Commonwealth.

Upon the return of the Kaiser the commonwealth was left in tatters with several of its member states ripped from its breast, the general assumption was that the commonwealth had fallen, but after discussion between the kaiser and some of the commonwealth lords it was discovered that the commonwealth was never actually dissolved.

On the 27th June, the leader of Winterlyn and Badfacia led a coup d'etat against the Kiaser and declared that the Commonwealth is now under the rule of he newly announced Revolutionary Democratic Triumvirate. It consists of Niller, Austrobernd and Speermen. The new leaders had no real plan for a new government and after one month the Kaiser was restored. With the resumption of his position the Kaiser once again moved on the constitutional process attempting to Organize the Bundesrat and tired to establish the Emperorship as an elected position.

The return to Normal order ushered in both internal stability and external conflict with certain neighbors, the Enderians. This time the commonwealth was prepared and at its zenith, allied with several Nations, and generally cordial with most of the servers' nations. Backed by volunteer fighters and allies alike, the Enderians and their UFO were defeated at bydlograd.

Afterwards inactivity caused the demise of the Commonwealth again and nearly the whole population left the server, until its refounding in July 2016 as the Commonwealth of Greater Alpharealm. This was only a short lived attemt however, as after almost 17 Months of its existence, the commonwealth did officially ceased to exist as the last Kaiser disbanded the Union and abdicated the Commonwealth Imperial Throne after the Commonwealth-Rebellion.

For the (more or less) exact timeline see here

The Commonwealth is made up of many Nations, provinces and counties, a full list follows:

The Federal States

Permanant states of the commonwealth with holding stake in its future.

Commonwealth Mandates

Lands owned by the commonwealth and administered by governors appointed by the Reichsrat, eligible for membership if they meet certain requirements.

Associated States

States in association with the Commonwealth, eligible for membership if they meet certain requirements.

Green:Commonwealth States, Yellow:Mandates, Red:Associate States

Mandates of the Commonwealth

Within the Commonwealth there lies a system of mandates whereby territories without proper internal governmental structures are annexed into the commonwealth. These territories known as mandates have their fate not written in the sovereignty of their own nation, but intrinsically tied to the fate of the Greater commonwealth itself. Consequently these regions are ruled by appointmented representatives of the Bundesrat and the head of such States weild only junior powers on an interstate level. The exception to this rule is the Mandate of badface, which was granted sovereignty in late May of 2015 by the Bundesrat and remains a Mandate only in name.

The Breshkians for example heavily relies on shopkeeper merchantry. There is also a blossoming Construction industry in Breshik the contracts and Subcontracts to Various other Groups. Breshik has struggled for years to built a tech Sector but as of now is still lagging behind many other industrialized nations. Breshiks Agrarian exports are slowly being built up but agriculture is not a high priority since Breshikans tend to work relatively close to their homes. The Industrial heart of the commonwealth is Winterlyn. Without its vast underground Factories, the commonwealth wouldnt compete with its southern Neighbors. Badface mainly concentrate on the Heavy industry. Most Armor and Weapons for War porpose are produced here.

Recently, due to an influx of cultural exchange with the Walschor People, many Commonwealth Nations were enslaving Yevs and forced them to work on the fields. Even though slavery is still outlawed in the Commonwealth.

Danikan Culture follows many old traditions stemming from Dwarven, to Kreiger, to Winterlynian. Old Danikan traditions dominate Breshikan life and day to day activities. Breshikans are very wary of other nations and tend not to recognize property rights of apolitical settlements, a fact of which the Breshikan government is trying to reverse in recent days.

The Commonwealth has once again been restored to proper order. Below is a list of actions of the Commonwealth Reichsrat

The Commonwealth has many Political Parties

Commonwealth Ministries and Agencies

The commonwealth has many departments, ruled by a variety of individuals. Below is a list of said departments as it currently stands to public knowledge.

Ministry of the Union

Responsible for the international relation of the Commonwealth, headed by the sitting kaiser.

Ministry of the Commonwealth Treasury

Headed and set up primary by Austro, The Lord-Treasurer, at least 2 Banks and some small currency exchange offices are being setted up, and a new national currency is etablished.

Commonwealth national Bank

Regulates the price of the Forint.

Ministry of Justice

Headed by PPA. THis ministry is charged with the investigation of crimes against the commonwealth.

Ministry of Interior Affairs

No Current Head, organized to regulate interstate affairs.

Commonwealth Forest Service

Headed by shakomatic, Charged with the preservation of the ecosystems of the commonwealth and coordination of forestation efforts throughout the commonwealth. One great success of the replant service as the forestation of Badface.

Ministry of Defense of the Commonwealth

Header by the sitting kaiser, designed as an overarching organisation to coordinate the defense of the Commonwealth and the Wars of the Reichsrat.

Interstate Security Service

The ISS is in charge of maintaining information and providing analysis for the Commonwealth States. Currently High King Niller takes on this.

Imperial Host Joint Arms Command

Generally understood to be a facet of the Reichsrat, the Command is charged with Coordination of military efforts in the defense of the commonwealth. The Joint Arms command is headed by the Reichrat council, with each nation providing arms and administrative assistance. The branches of the Commonwealth military are controlled by various nations for administrative purposes

Quartermaster Corps - Headed by the Government of Winterlyn, charged with Logistics of the Commonwealth

Engineering Corps - Headed by the Breshikan Governemnt, Charged with fortification and coordination of general defense.

Ordinance Corps - headed by the Government of Badface, Charged with the procurement of arms and research into new arms.

Chaplains Corps - headed by the Government of the Rosenisle, charged with the spiritual well being of all commonwealth soldiers.

Field research shows: In War times those diversions are de facto nullified. The Bulk of the Nation's leaders create a new gremium, the Commonwealth High Command (STAVKA), to coordinate its actions better.

Military Doctrines Thre are 3 Diffrent Doctrines, used and evaluated by the Reichsrat Members:

  • Human Wave Doctrine, evaluated and researched by austro as he used expierience from the sivernian war, the 1st Commonwealth Ender War, the War against Kriegstein and various other conflicts. It was proven sucessful during the 2nd Commonwealth-Ender War and the Condeuran-Badfacian War.
  • Niller Doctrine, it features a combined Arms warfare with various cannons and other redstone devices, yet highly unproven since its founder's expierience was mainly taken from its emenies actions during the 1st Commonwealth-Ender War.
  • Guerrilla Doctrine: Although serverwide used, the potential and effectiveness is underestimated. The Best usage of that doctrine was showed by the Condeuran Royal army. Mostly used as last resort, but with some evaluation, it could cause havoc in times of war.

Military frontiers - A subsection of the CJAC, headed by shakomatic, it works to coordinate efforts of the commonwealths various military frontiers. The military frontiers have been disestablished.

Ethnic Groups

  • Kurwans
  • “Danikans”
    • Old Breshikans
    • Bresho-Badfacians
    • Calisians
    • Kreigers
    • Dwarves
      • Khaldunians
      • Winterlynians


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