Source of the law

The law is based on ancient guidelines, suggestions, mods'/admins' rulings and common sense.

Below are described the server's rules. Breaking these rules can result in punishment, ranging in severity based on the act, those involved and their history.


  1. Grief/grieb - “Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people in video games through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineering.”
  2. People - players ingame, human or else.
  3. Ban evasion - evading a ban by playing on another account while banned in any account you own.
  4. Doxxing - “Doxing or doxxing (from dox, abbreviation of documents) is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifying information (especially personally identifying information) about an individual or organization.”
  5. Landrun - An event in which a nation or a settlement claim more land than they can fill, or is reasonably sound to claim within the a timeframe.

General Rules

  1. No malicious griefing. Griefing may result in a ban, from 1 day in minor cases and can be a permaban in case of repeated griefings. The griefer may also be fined for stolen blocks, the fine may either be items from his chest, inventory or blocks taken directly from his buildings.
  2. Don't go around killing people at random. Exception to this rule can be found in PVP and nation Rules and battle agreements. Breaking this rule can result in a ban, depending on the severity. Spawnkillings are considered especially heinous.
  3. No hacks - flyhack, speedhack, x-ray, radar or any client-side addition to the game deemed a hack are illegal. When in doubt, ask. Breaking this rule can result in a ban, depending on the effect the hax usage has had on the game.
  4. No lag machines - lag machines are illegal. They may be destroyed without informing the owner. Maliciously building a lag machine to slow the server can result in a ban.
  5. No duplication - Duplication of items of any kind are illegal. Duplications will results in confiscation of items and a ban, ranging on duration and significance of dupe.
  6. Killing any kind of mob that resides in a defined territory of another player is illegal without permission. Exception to this are hostile mobs that naturally spawned in the area during a wanderer's travel and began attacking the wanderer.
  7. No ban evasion. Ban evasions may results in long bans, possibly a permaban, as this undermines the legal system of the server.
  8. No stealing accounts or impersonations. IRC is considered part of the game for the purpose of impersonation. Asking for a password reset for an account that isn't yours is a theft attempt. Pretending to be someone else to people ingame, while in IRC, is considered an impersonation. Breaking this rule can result in a long ban and even a permaban, as this is faux and sabotage of the truth.
  9. Don't lie to the staff about said activities. Obstruction of justice will not be tolerated. Lying about your own misdeeds, or trying to incriminate an innocent person is illegal.
  10. No doxxing - doxxing may result in a ban.
  11. Languages for public chat ingame are the server's official languages. Conversing in other languages may result in a mute.

Statute of limitations doesn't exist.

Settlement Rules

Settlements are claimed territories established with a border or limited area of sovereignty usually held only by a small group of people or even just one person. These are much more common than nations, but have no privileges at this time besides a right of eminent domain. Settlements are to be added to the settlements page. Settlements' pages in the wiki will be written in one of the server's official languages, pages in other languages will not be considered official and are to be written separately.

  1. A settlement should have a leader and defined borders. Having no leaders / multiple leaders may pose difficulties in the future regarding the status of the settlement. Settlements that landrun may be forcibly reduced.
  2. Settlements cannot claim land already claimed by another settlement or nation, or any land reserved for Spawn Area or other Server projects. Ask the staff when in doubt. Claiming already existent buildings without the owner's consent will generally not be allowed, but there may be exceptions.
  3. An apolitical group of players or a sole player creating several settlements is legal, but should be done reasonably and can be culled to allow more space for other players.
  4. Settlements by themselves are always apolitical.
  5. Settlements can expand (naturally) by building or merging and update their borders.
  6. Settlements can split, if its' residents disagree on the nature of the split they may appeal to the staff.

PVP and Nation Rules [currently paused]

Nations are political entities that players can work together to form. Nations allow groups of players to claim land as their own, as well as to role play and fight wars that would otherwise be considered griefing. Though players are given a lot of latitude to play how they like, there are certain guidelines players must follow if they wish to be given and to retain the special privileges afforded to nations. Nations' pages in the wiki will be written in one of the server's official languages, pages in other languages will not be considered official and are to be written separately.

  1. Note that if a nation's Clan becomes inactive, or if its member numbers drops below the threshold for maintaining nationhood, the nation may be considered dissolved. Nations may also voluntarily choose to revert to settlements with the approval of the staff, however they must be at peace. If at any time the Arbiter deems these requirements to not be met, the Arbiter may vote to dissolve a nation into a settlement.
  2. Players may be banned from political activity for any period of time if their crimes are of a political nature.
  3. Create your nation according to the template.

*to be completed*

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