Extinct Nation alive again we kangz now dead for real this time

The Freehold

The Kingdom of Badface
Eastern Freehold
Confederation of Badface
Mandatory of Badface
Commonwealth Mandate of Badface
 the official flag
“Risen From Ruins”
 Coat of Arms  Seal
Provinces and substates
Capital The Badforest
Official Languages English
Demonyn Breshkians, Badfacians
Government Conglomerated Feudal Realm
Leader King Austrobernd
Establishment 7th April 15
Population ~3
Abbreviation Badface
National Symbol Netherstar

New Bahdfacia as it was once called by its former native population and otherwise known simply as Badface. After the dull year of 2014, it was repopulated and colonized by Breshikan settlers. Soon afterwards it achieved nationhood. Together with Winterlyn and Breshik it formed the traditional backbone of the old Commonwealth.


The Badfacian core lands, which are known as the Counties of Upper and Lower Badface were littered with gigantic walls from its previous inhabitants, who left the Realm a year ago before the first colonists arrived in this land in early April 2015. After the removal of most litter, construction began on a birch island what is today the town of Badforest.

Originally a subdivision of the Middle Empire of the old Commonwealth of Breshik (not to be confused with the Commonwealth), it quickly flourished and expanded. Soon afterwards it received a Commonwealth Mandate after a proposal in the federal council, making it an autonomous region inside the Commonwealth. A little bit later it got the patronage for nationhood from the breshikan king Shakomatic. It still did maintained its colonial name for a long time however: The Mandatory of New New Badfacia.

On the 31st of December 2015, Badface reformed itself into the “Confederation of Badface/Badfacia”. It also announced its annexation of the United Duchy of the two Sorras. Shortly afterwards the Nation was disbanded and its inhabitants left the server.

On the 18th July, Austrobernd refounded the nation as “Eastern Freehold” and rejoined the newly etablished “Commonwealth of Greater Alpharealm” as leader of the Freehold and its Emperor. As part of the terms in the conclusion of the Commonwealth Uprising on the 28th of August 2016, Austrobernd stepped down from the imperial throne and had to transform the Nation into a Kingdom. However the union didn't last long and merely days later the realm was abandoned again.

During the revival in the Spring of 2018, Badface was resettled again and construction have began. It joined the Sivernian Empire.

It is now pretty much dead.


Prior to the 2nd Commonwealth-Ender War, badfacian scientists managed to produce weaponry as cheaply as possible, enabling a large scale armss industry in conjunction with the government of Winterlyn and Klamdau. The leader is the CEO of the commonwealth bank, the government has access to factories in neighboring nations and connections to various yev-merchants. There's also a slave-farm for food production and the Guardian Farm under the Sea Bastion.


Former Member of the Commonwealth, the Leader of Badface was for two terms its Kaiser. The State was one of the founding members of the now defunct Confederation of Independent States. Austrobernd was also the vice king of Winterlyn, ruling in the kings name in time of his absence, the leader of Nautica, Arch-Duke of the house of Breshik and was the general of the Enderian armed forces during the Expedition into the Techtopean hinterlands. The Freehold was part of the Sivernian Empire.


The Natives who once lived in this area called the land “Bahdface”, they inhabited caves around the southern tip of the Badfacian mountains. Even though those people build many monuments and huge walls to long forgotten gods, only a few residential building were ever found. The last intact buildings of that era is the wood and glass pavilion near the Badforest, and a small hut at some mountain summit. The Breshikan settlers now are the dominant culture in this realm, as seen in the capital and the inner counties. In the east, russians build a small village with a tower leading to a small upside-down island. In the mountains, there is a small Brazil settlement. Other groups consist out of the people of Madicon and the Caerulians in Sorra.


Some of the military personnel were also mostly mercenaries and thanks to the Military-Industrial Complex that has arisen during the time of the Commonwealth, the soldiers were considered to be one of the best equipped ones in Alphas Realm. The government issued one of the highest Awards inside the HDC, the “Grand Star of Badface”.

Geography and Subdivisions

There were six entities that made up the Freehold. Since the Freehold has a long history of expansion and lies in a region which political landscape changed a lot, its subdivisions have become quite diverse. Its entities ranges from client kingdoms to irrelevant provinces. Each of those can have its own subdivisions.

Grand Duchy of Badface

The corelands of the Freehold. The capital is located there and its overworld rail-station. It was also the main area in which the old “Bahdfacians” lived. There are many sites and ruins from that time period.

  • County of Upper Badface

The name originates because it lies on the upper part of the Badface River. It was the inner region of the old Bahdfacians, the great Pavilion, the Community Center and the old Farm were located in these plains. The plains did turned into woods after the breshikan takeover.

  • County of Lower Badface

Includes the Birch Island of Badforest, birthplace of the breshikan colony of Badface. Beside containing the Capital, there are also farms and watchtowers to guard this land.

  • The Highland Fiefdom

Awarded to Kuston for further development. His well developed farmstead resides here.

  • Summit

A small residential house which was build before the colonists arrived. It was put in its own subdivision after Kuston was awarded the fiefdom, to protect this relic from unwanted harm.


Given to Badface from Breshik. According to the treaty that exchanged its owners, its borders wont be altered. Because of this, it is still a separate entity inside the Freehold. Its subdivisions are as following:

  • South Contraria

A historical landscape which made up the claims of Contraria del Rey which existed during the early time of the Commonwealth of Breshik south of the Wimizc River.

  • Kazad Gwyrdd

A dwarven fortress of Telendil which was part of the Kingdom of Korindir during the early history of Alphas Realm. It still maintains the titular title “King of Kazad Gwyrdd”.

Savannah March

Originated from the “Military Frontier”, which was established after the first Commonwealth-Ender War. Parts of it was annexed according to the peace treaty between Kriegstein and the Commonwealth, while the land on the other side of the river was ceded to the newly formed Orcaella of Kriegstein.

  • Terre de Castitate

An old claimed land of MikeMallorca. It was established as a Kingdom and a part of Winterlyn. Long forgotten and barley any finished projects, it is still the titular kingdom of Terre de Castitate.

  • Battlefield

The place where the only battle of the first Commonwealth-Ender War was fought. The area was annexed to preserve this land for the future.

  • North Korindir

Unnamed Region north of the formerly dwarven settlement of Korindir. It contains a unnamed fortress which housed the Governor of the former Military Frontier.

Kingdom of Madicon

A small kingdom that joined Badface as a vassal. Its king was also the Governor of the Military Frontier.

  • Madicon Proper

The claimed land by the kingdom, the Free City of Madicon is its capital. There is also a house of Sweet_Chris there.

  • Madicon Gift

Former Badfacian hinterlands, gifted to the Kingdom of Madicon for further development, the farmstead of Grand_Strategy and of some guy from pol are there too.

United Duchy of the Two Sorras

A former breshikan colony that underwent a few Governors until June became its leader.

  • East Sorra

A large yev town that was the focus of development under the rule of June, and its first Governor Tomoko. A sign of this early history is the old breshikan arcadian gate.

  • West Sorra

A small yev village with a defensive wall.

  • County of Novigrad

A settlement build by Speermen, which seen a lot of development after Skellie Burg was taken over by Oppai. Joined the Freehold willingly and got reorganized into the Duchy.

Free State of Darkwood

A vast dark oak forest south of the Badface River. Mostly developed by russians under the guidance of Go_ogin.

  • Darkwood Proper

Fromally a march that included “everything south of the Badface River”, now elevated into a Free State inside the Freehold. The capitals most notable feature is an upside-down tower.

  • Ruthenia

Some unnamed, irrelevant and annexed area that includes a commie-block and a small mansion. Since there is no government or industry to speak of, it was made a subdivision of Darkwood.


Dead but not forgotten

The Inner Badfacian Counties

  1. King Austrobernd

Viscounty of Darkwood

  1. Viscount gO_Ogin
  2. BormannBZ
  3. NJBob

Kingdom of Madicon

  1. King Dylanrules22
  2. Sarahdyl
  3. Android994
  4. Sweet_Chris/d3something

Duchy of Sorra

  1. Duke June
  2. Count Speermen

Viscounty of the Badfacian Highlands

  1. Viscount Kuston
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