Republic of Battkhortostan

Republic of BattkhortostanРеспублика Баттхёртостанская
 Flag of Battkrhotostan
 Seal of the Union
Coat of Arms Coat of Arms Coat of Arms
Motto Ne mutlu Battkhort diyene
Capital Endkara (de jure)
Hinoarashington, D.E. (de facto)
Official Languages No official language (de jure)
English (de facto)
Demonyn Battkhort
Government Illuminatism
Leader Members of the Inner Party
Establishment 5-10-2015
Population ~16
Religion Tengrism
Thelemite ( Typhonian Order )
Abbreviation Battx

The nation of the Battkhort people on Alpha's Realm.


Only members of the Inner Kemalist Party may be eligible for candidacy.

Role Name
President Hinoarashi Kemal Anabattkhort Behi
Prime Minister Sikandar Khan
Minister of National Defense Max_Renegade Khan
Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomoko

Member states


The Battkhortoman Empire saw many reforms since Oceania. Sikandar abdicated the Battkhort throne to Hinoarashi Kemal Anabattkhort. Her first decision upon becoming Sultana was to take the revolutionary role of founding the Republic of Battkhortostan based on Kemalism and a strong military. Sharing common ideals, goals, and even the same President, the Republic of Ender pledged full support and use of its military forces and arms systems to the newly founded Battkhort state.

Not soon after this event, Sikandar made contact with extraterrestrials and the Enderians were revealed to have descended from an extraterrestrial bloodline of Anunnaki-Human hybrids and reptilians. Tengri was revealed to be but one of the many names of the offspring of the Anu and Tengri's offspring were the Turanic peoples.

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