Alpha Sea Union

Alpha Sea Union Союз Альфа Моря
Capital Vostorg-12
Official Languages English
Demonyn Sealander
Government Republic
Leader DanFunMan
Establishment 20-05-20
Population ~5
Abbreviation ASU

Alpha Sea Union is a republic which guarantees self-management to every member state. ASU is a country of advanced redstone engineering, profitable farms, prodigious architecture and incredible culture. ASU is known for it's gigantic underwater buildings and top-notch terraforming.

04-04-2020 DanFunMan glanced upon the surface of fresh waters of the Alpha Sea that surrounds the spawn area and decided to challenge building traditions by building underwater using the power of potions, sponges and conduits. In couple of dives a flat area that allowed comfortable underwater construction was located and construction of the Dome began. Four days later the Dome was finished and filled with rare trees and plants from around the world, upon completion DanFunMan declared creation of the independent settlement - Vostorg-12.

Around this time Rofler & ALWX settled north of spawn, slowly creating their own island and building the first Iron Farm on Harmony.

Seeing the poor state of infrastructure and transport system of the new land DanFunMan decided to build an underwater train station that would allow connection to eight different subway lines. After gathering most of the clay from the swamp biome and brewing hundreds of potions construction began. Most of the building was done under effect of invisibility potions as spawn rates were high and hoards of drowned were swimming around the construction area. As the train station was finished, the only thing left to do was to dry it and build the rail lines, which was done with help of the Swampland's leader - acidtripper and Belrunia's leader - Kloware and Konradia's leader - caca_de_nariz. After a cheerful opening with fireworks the last brick was laid and the name “Grand Ceghlin” was given to the train station.

Not long after ALWX constructed a mansion at his base and outlined the future borders of his island. Dzidman called the structure “cancer island”, this derogatory name wasn't taken too seriously and despite some degree of pressure between the two settlements the situation resolved peacefully.

Continuing work on Harmonia's infrastructure DanFunMan built a public bamboo and sugarcane farms. Around this time RandyBender stumbled upon the Vostorg-12 facilities and was impressed to the point of joining. Right after obtaining Vostorg-12 citizenship RandyBender proved his worth and his skills by building a public auto-smelter nearby the bamboo and sugarcane farm.

Then the drying of an ocean monument was suggested by DanFunMan, the project was sharply calculated and described on paper, which brought a lot of attention and sponsors (like caca_de_nariz and Rofler) to its construction. Building the borders and drying the monument area took almost a week of hard work. Vostorg-12 citizens and beacon islanders united to bring this abnormal structure to life. After drying the inner part of the glass border was terraformed and forested and a prismarine farm was manufactured inside of the monument. The construct was christened the “Hall Of R'lyeh” and became ASU's capital.


Alpha Sea Union was constituted after two already established settlements - Vostorg-12 and Beacon Island were united by their governors - DanFunMan and ALWX respectively. Work on common projects made the governors realize the power of teamwork, and geographical proximity dictated common goals. Right after unification, DanFunMan and AWLX signed the Constitution of Alpha Sea Union in the Hall Of R'lyeh.

Post-Unification Life

Shortly after two settlements united, RandyBender constructed ASU's private yev trading hall. New bernds - swifty 321 and shadowisthatyou immigrated to the Union and quickly received citizenship. DanFunMan organised nation's building materials stockpile inside the Hall Of R'lyeh, where every trusted member of the nation can come and take resources, he also built some offices for ASU administration there. For the most part life after unification was peaceful for both Beacon Islanders and residents of Vostorg-12, there was not much of a cultural exchage, but economies of those city-states contributed each other.

From the end of 2020 till the mid of 2021 Alpha Sea Union went through a stage of stagnation, when not much have happened at all. In the summer of 2021 DanFunMan returned to work on Vostorg-12, focusing on creating more farms this time. ALWX and Rolfer also continued their work, addig some visual design to their previous farms and building new ones.

Alpha Sea Union has non-typical geography. As most of Vostorg-12 is located underwater in the Alpha Sea, and Beacon Island, north of it - is a man-made island that is currently being terraformed by ALWX.

Current Borders


Alpha Sea Union is a nation that prioritizes peace and trade, but never forgets about possible threat of invasion. Aplha Sea Union would be also glad to act as a mediator in the conflicts of other nations. Alpha Sea Union is in military and trade cooperation agreement with Belrunia, signed by Kloware and DanFunMan. ASU also has a genereally good diplomatic relationships with other nations. ASU was the first nation to join UNATCO.

Alpha Sea Union economy relies on redstone engineered farms. Both Vostorg-12 and Beacon island have numerous farms tied into an industrial complex. Vostorg-12 has public food, dripstone, wool, fish, chicken, cow, bamboo and sugarcane farms where every player in need can come and take, corporate goverment of Vostorg-12 sworn to keep those farms in working condition. Most public farms are built by RandyBender. Some of Vostorg-12 farms are private, some are even hidden, they are mainly connect with a Yew Mall to accelerate trading. Some of those farms are: slime farm, prismarine farm, gunpowder farm, hostile mob farm, glow squid farm and amethyst farm. Farms of Beacon island are all private and mostly located not on the island itself, but on the snowy coast north from it in the place called Promzona. ALWX and Rofler built such farms as: gold farm, iron farm, inc farm, spider farm. Their iron and gold farm is a heavy industry streamroller of this nation.

Aplha Sea Union also has a small sector of non-industrial economy, such as tridents and skelly horses which DanFunMan has in good numbers, since he lives underwater.

The culture of ASU is mostly represented by it's spectacular architecture, represented by AWXS's Mansion and terraformed artificial island and DanFunMan's “Grand Ceghlin” and the “Hall of Rl'yeh”.

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