Freistaat Mondsteinberg

Free state of MondsteinbergВольное государство Мондштайнберг
Вільна держава Мондштайнберг
Coat of arms Merchant emblem
Motto: “Mondstein, flieg und sieg”
Anthem:Brüder, zur Sonne, zur Freiheit!
“Brothers, to the Sun, to Freedom!”
Capital Mondsteinberg
Official Languages Ukrainian
Broken English
Demonyn Mondsteinberger
Government Republic
Rulling party Socialist party of Mondsteinberg
Leaders Presidentin Oksana Konstantinowna
Gensec Dora
Establishment August 2017
Population 8
Abbreviation MOND

Freistaat Mondsteinberg — is a state located at the eastern border of Alpha realm, populated mostly Slavs, some of which came from a now disbanded Ruminian Union and Socialistic Rumine.

The beginning of time

Spring, 2017. The state of Rumine Union was in decline and on the bring of collapse. Around the same time, the separatist forces has reached it's full potential, the leader of the forces Crni_Drachen, unhappy with the current state of the nation, decided to drastically reform it, but soon have come to the conclusion, that there was nothing left to reform and had to disband the nation all together and create the new, stronger one, based on the ruins of the old one. And in april of 2017 Rumine Union was finally disbanded and Rumine Democratic Republic took it's place. Unfortunately for Crni_Drachen, another separatist group have risen from the ashes of Rumine: Winduzastikan Federation. The tension between too faction grew and led to a war between two new states.

To be honest, history can not call it a war, for the entire period of the conflict only one battle has occurred on a territory of Neko-City, the RDR have won the battle, but did not win the war, most of the forces of RDR have left the Republic after the battle, which gave Winduzastikan Federation an opportunity to claim the land of former Rumine Union, leaving the leader of the Republic defeated and forced away from his land.

Geburt einer Nation

In the summer of 2017, the former leader of Rumine Union and Rumine Democratic Republic Crni_Drachen, full of energy and determination after a long vacation, decided to claim a new land and create a new state, far from his former comrades. His journey around the world took days and weeks, a lot of different territory, landscapes were looked through, but in time the perfect spot was found, the land not far from the eastern border of Alpha Realm. The preparation for a new city has begun.

Current time

In may of 2018 unexpected for everyone the new state was created Ruminian Confederation. The state was a successor to Rumine Union, that was disbanded in april of 2017. Soon after it's creation, the government of Free city-state of Mondsteinberg has decided to join Ruminian Confederation, while at the same time keeping it's independence(clan tag). This decision was met with a negative reaction from Winduzastikan Federation and later developed into discontinuation of all diplomatic contacts with the nation, however soon the situation was handled and the attempt to stabilize the relation has occured, still some form of distrust towards Winduzastikan Federation is still at place and it is unknown how this situation might resolve. As the saying goes: Fortsetzung folgt…

New conflicts

Towards the end of summer of 2018 an ally of Ruminian Confederation, Moloch Worshipping Cult, under the command of Salah, was involved in a conflict with Venesian Kingdom, which developed into a war, the nation of HRC was loosing battles, Ruminian Confederation and Freistaat Mondsteinberg stayed neutral, helping HRC only by supplying their ally with gear and weaponry. At the beginning of september of 2018 the conflict reached it's climax, the aggression from Venesian Kingdom became too vicious. Ruminian and Winduzastikan leaders decided to join the war in attempt to stop the aggression towards Moloch Worshipping Cult and prevent any further development of the conflict. And like this, on the 15th of September the Venesian Bay Invasion has occured. After the long and tense battle the remaining venesian forces has finally fled from the battlefield. The leader of Venesian Kingdom - Nota I - announced complete capitulation. Soon the conference was held in the headquarters of HRC. Every participant of the conflict was invited, but the majority was venesians refused to participate. During the conference, it was decided to disband the Venesian Kingdom and turn Venesian Bay into a colony of Moloch Worshipping Cult, named Zanzibar. The decision to disband the nation was later disputed by the moderators and recognized to be illegal, although the complete capitulation was recognized by all sides.

Freistaat Mondsteinberg - is a unitary state, located on a eastern side of Alpha Realm and consists of 3 provinces and 1 autonomous republic:

Hauptstadt Mondsteinberg

The capital of the state, located right in the middle of it, appears to be the biggest concentration of heavy industry, technology, commerce and agriculture in the whole state.

Neue Ruminia

Eastern region of the state. Consists mostly of swamps and forestry, which prevents the construction of cities, however because of the massive and widespread forests, Neue Ruminia is a biggest provider of wood in the state. On top of that, the region is rich with minerals in the mountain hills side of the region.

  • Karl-Marx-Stadt (planned)
  • Sterndorf (planned)

Autonome Republik Cherson

Autonome Republik, part of the Freistaat Mondsteinberg, is a trading center of the state because of it's access to the sea, massive coniferous forests in the region open a potential for a massive woodworking industry, resources from which can serve the construction needs of the state.

  • Neue Cherson (planned)
  • Freiburg (planned)


Western region of the state. Located on a difficult landscape, consists of massive swamp, forests and rare plains. In it's consistency of resources and area, occupied by biomes, it can be compared to Neue Ruminia. Similarly to it, it also covers the area with massive mountain ranges and small access to the sea, which creates the possibility to construction of small port-cities on it's territory.

  • Katzenwald (planned)
  • Rosenthal (planned)
Hauptstadt Mondsteinberg flag Neue Ruminia flag Autonome Republik Cherson flag Westmark-Katzenwald flag
Map of Freistaat Mondsteinberg
Map of regional borders

Inner policy

Government structure

Free city of Mondsteinberg is a unitary state, consists of 3 provinces and 1 autonomous republic. Every region has it's own municipal self-government and their own party. Settlement and region administration work on solving local problems, developing infrastructure, industry and economy of their own region, while local governing parties are responsible for ideological education.

Supreme Council of Mondsteinberg and a Party Presidium is the central ruling party. Supreme Council consists of representative of each region and deals with state-wide matters, while Presidium is responsible for foreign policy, and at the same time performs the function of lawmaking. Regularly, state-wide party congress is held, which decides the vector of development for the whole country.

Parties and political life

At this moment 3 parties reign in the state.

  • Oligarchic Collectivist Party Mondsteinberg (OCPM) — “Oligarchische Partei Mondsteinberg”
  • Socialist party of Mondsteinberg — “Mondsoc”
  • Liberal party of Mondsteinberg — “New direction”

General elections occur every year and include the presidential election and party election. Usually every party nominate their candidate.

Latest election was held 11th of September of 2018, candidate Oksana Konstantinowna Drotschko, representative of Socialist party of Mondsteinberg, was elected as a President of the State, with 73% vote, succeeding Vladimir Drachinskiy, candidate of OCPM. Such unusual result can be explained by ineffective work of the previous President, who was too concentrated on a foreign policy and almost completely abandoned the regional and state development, a lot of the government iniciatives and projects were frozen.

Right after the inauguration, President Oksana Konstantinowna, supported the popular initiative, and announced the creation of new government institutes and labor unions. In a week creation of this organizations were initiated:


Currently Freistaat Mondsteinberg has 10 ministries:

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerium für Innere Angelegenheiten)
  • Ministry of Defense (Ministerium für Verteidigung)
  • Ministry of Infrastructure (Ministerium für Infrastruktur)
  • Ministry of Health (Ministerium für Gesundheitswesen)
  • Ministry of Economy and Energy (Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie)
  • Ministry of Ecology (Umweltministerium)
  • Ministry of Heavy Industry (Ministerium für Schwerindustrie)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Außenministerium)
  • Ministry of Education and Science (Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Ausbildung)
  • Ministry of Labor (Ministerium für Arbeit)

Foreign policy

Free city of Mondsteinberg is a peaceful state. Mondsteinberg is supporting all of the security measures in it's region and on a whole map in general, the ruling Oligarchic Collectivist Party actively allocates funds in support of a collective security. Mondsteinberg is also takes part in peacekeeping operations and regularly sends experiential troops to settle any dangerous situations in different regions of the world. In the beginning of 2018 with the help of peacemaking troops of Free city of Mondsteinberg, Winduzastikan Federation and other nations in a collective effort peace was established on a territory of Empire of Imperium. The secretary general of Central committee of Oligarchic Collectivist Party of Mondsteinberg (OCPM) commented on a decision to send peacemaking troops on a territory of Imperium:

Our party and our government always stood for a peaceful existence on our land and on the whole map in general. Beause of that, sending peacemaking troops is such an important mission and by doing so, we will help establish a durable peace in the region. 
Our troops faced the troubles on their way to the peace, yet our mission was succesfully completed through the coordinated work of our state and our colleagues.
Anhud and Crni after signing the alliance pact. Faryagrad House of Soviets, January 2018. Photo made by reporter, Robert Osmolovski

International relations

Winduzastikan Empire

Due to some territorial contradictions, relationship with Winduzastiaan and Ruminia in general in may-june of 2018 were extremely tense and could lead to a war, however as of today, the conflicts were settled peacefully and relationship with the nation is on the mend.

Despite the ideological contradictions and the vector of development of Winduzastikan Empire, it is safe to say that the relationship can be considered friendly. Joint projects and collective involvment in armed conflicts helped to establish good relations between two nations.

Moloch Worshipping Cult

Moloch Cult is a biggest ally of Freeistaat Mondsteinberg. Mondsteinberg and Ruminian Confederation in general provide social-economic and military support to the HRC. The evidence for it could be seen during HRC and Venesian Kingdom conflict. Government of MOND convinced that the partnership with Moloch Cult will be beneficial two both sides.

Venesian Kingdom

Prior to the conflict relationship with Venesia was neutral, unfortunately MOND involvment in the siege of Venesia Bay resulted in deteriorated of relationship between the two.


Freistaat Mondsteinberg always relied on socialistic ideals, practicing the ideals of brotherhood, equality and social justice on the server. Government has extremely negative relationship with all sorts of groups with right-wing ideologies, supporting close contact with left-wing organizations and parties on the server(One of the examples - austrian city Leninstadt and it's leader Helios, one of the biggest ally of Ruminian Confederation and a member of the Heretical Rashidun Caliphate). Government of MOND allocates funds on a left-leaning communities on it's territory and beyond it.

One of the agitation poster, released by the Socialistic agitation service of Mondsteinberg

Free city of Mondsteinberg is primarily an agrarian state, it's main source of income comes from an agrarian sector, due to the location of the city. However it's fair to state, that Mondsteinberg is rich not only with it's fertile soil: part of the territory is located on a massive forests, which provides a strong income of wood, a mountains to the south side of the city is rich with minerals and ores.

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