Communistic Union of Mudskins [CUM]

Communistic Union of Mudskins

Flag of CUM
Borders of CUM
Location x:-300; z:-2900
Google map link
Capital Hirsin-Wia
Local Languages English
Government Theocracy
Official Religion Islamic Atheism
Pledge Coitus ergo Cum
Leader 5Literflasche,
Vice: HansVonStoffeln
Establishment 25-04-20
Population ~3
Demonyn Coomers

founding/time period

One lazy and boring weekend 5Literflasche checked the /int/-minecraft server if it finnaly has been updated from 1.12. and low and behold: A new map has been created. 5Literflasche then decided to waste weeks of his life enrich the new map with his presence again.

After managing to escape the fugly new spawn 5Literflasche arrived at a desert near the edge of the world where he also found a desert well. Seeing this as a sign from Allah 5Liter decided to start his new desert empire here.

After creating basic infrastructure in form of roads and the beginning of a wall Rofler descended from the Heavens and gifted 5Liter a black obelisk in form of high end diamond gear which kickstarted the further development of the new settlement.

Building an advanced desert civilisation all by your own is not a small task, so 5Liter asked his friend HansVonStoffeln, formerly known as DrFreund, to be his mining and building slave become co-founder of the Communistic Union of Mudskins, short CUM.

The Beginning

The great CUM wall of Allah

CUM began to mark it's borders by building the great CUM wall of Allah, an approx. 2500 block long wall along it's border. Currently the North and West gate also features a giant eagle statue, overseeing the territory.



Huge eagle statues, the settlements symbol Desert Palace of Hirsin-Wia




  • 5Literflasche
  • HansVonStoffeln
  • Archeron

We welcome everyone who is willing to dedicate his life to worship the almighty Allah and to work for a starvation wage as slave in the mines.

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