Venesian Kingdom

Venesian KingdomВенецианское Королевство
July 11, 2018 - September 27, 2018
Capital Venesian Bay
Location -3343, -790
Official Languages Russian
broken English
Demonyn Venetians
Government Absolute Monarchy
King Nota I
Population 16
Abbreviation VEN


From far-away lands, the aborigens came one day, and called themselves Venesian People, then stole all fish from the spawn. That was another russian fuckers, or not.

Heretical Rashidun Caliphate War

After the numerous conflicts that began on 10 August, relations between the two countries became tense, both sides literally plunged into the cold war and were obvious rivals, although they did not declare it. On September 2, the king announced the outbreak of hostilities against the entire HRC nation, and on the same day almost all the vassals arrived in the capital, forming an army led by the king, which became known as SUFB (rus. СЮФБ). dont think that i need to repeat why is it all going, tell me in mc or irc i will explain how it's look like and why t.notakommi

On the same day there were armed clashes on the territory of WTC towers and the Venesian Bay, mainly the instrument of battles were withers, although there were some military clashes.

In the end, there were several raids on the territory of WTC towers. Soon in the war participated already four nation, Ruminian Confederation and Free state of Mondsteinberg joined the 15 September. On the same day there was the biggest battle in the history of the Venesian Kingdom, in addition, one of the biggest battles of Alpha Realms. However, we can only subjectively assess the situation that has occurred, the Venesian state at the moment does not recognize the legitimacy of the negotiations.

Individual wiki pages created by Anhud describing the battles. Arranged in chronological order:


After the first and last war of the Venesian Kingdom, it was decided to create a new covert order, and after all that happened, in addition, to leave the Venesian Bay. Although this place could not boast of incredible architecture, but all the inhabitants of Venise had pleasant memories of everything that happened, good and bad.


  • Disbanded by illegal modabuse (anatol). t.xcont
  • Thank you for your support to all concerned people. t.notakommi

The policy o f the Venesian Kingdom is based on cooperation between people, they help each other in different projects, share or exchange various resources, but the king plays the main role in politics, which unites all people and creates a common plan of action or a single project, moreover, he sets the course of diplomacy and defines economic allies.


The economy of the Venesian Kingdom is based on trade between various guilds, interethnic trade is generally rejected. Nevertheless, to the concrete persons, the leader is always ready to allocate resources from the treasury, thereby creating a favorable economic situation. The policy of the Venesian Kingdom encourages good projects and all vassals is ready to allocate funds for their financing.

Whole Territory

This is the complete boundaries of the entire Venesian Kingdom, which was compiled by researchers masters.

Venesian Bay

Venesian Bay is the progenitor of the whole Kingdom. The territory of this place was recently filled with livestock and trees, but now, for the needs of the economy and the development of the territory, all this begins to disappear. However, this does not do any harm to the environment and the economy as a whole.

Venesian Bay Webmap

  • King Notakommi
  • Chief Architect Dovasko
  • Architect D1oxide
  • Alchemist Shred
  • Planter Gadz_log
  • Shul9
  • Hidezendesu
  • Dankanich
  • Rewodkwda
  • HEyz
  • Galactazar
  • DGEW2
  • Timekiller
  • Osvald
  • Shero3211
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