Ruminian Union

Ruminian UnionРумынский Союз
Ruminian Union Flag
Second RU Flag
Ruminian Union Coat of Arms
June 24, 2016 - April 19, 2017
Preceded by:
DESU Military Alliance
Succeeded by:
Democratic Republic of Ruminia
Winduzastikan Federation
Motto Românii din toate țările, uniți-vă!
Capital Faryagrad
Official Languages English, Russian
Regional Languages Ukrainian, Belorussian, Kazakh, German, Serbian
National Anthem We Are Number One
Demonym Ruminians, Ruminers
Government Republic
Leaders WheatleyMyFriend
General Secretary Crni_Drachen
Population 20+ (counting inactive players)
Currency Gold
Abbreviation RMCA

Rumine Union (also known as Ruminian Union, Ru-Mine Cities Union) is a nation consisting of a few slavic cities and villages in southern Ur. It has been founded in June 2016, though the first towns of RU people appeared in 2014.

History of Rumine Union goes from the foundation of the Perdyusheno village by the great leader of the first ruminians Naswai. It was founded in 26th of May 2014 in the harsh forests of south-west. After the 2 months it had become practically forgotten. Only in the May of 2016 ruminians came back. They started to spread in this region. In the May of 2016 anhud had founded Anhud's Scrapyard, which soon become Faryagrad in the middle of June. At roughly the same time, new cities started to appear - Novi Beograd, Vitlevsk and some smaller ones.

Foundation of the Rumine Union

Rumine Union settlements were always technically separate, though counted as united by RU people. On 22th of June at 22:00(MSK) village Perdyusheno was attacked by the Ender military forces. Rumanians didn't have any military, so they were defeated very easily by the well prepared expedition forces of the Enderians. In order to defend properly(without crying to the mods) a nation was needed - so, after the second loss, a Soviet was held in which Rumine Union was estabilished as a nation and MegaZerg declared as its leader

Was disbanded on General Secretary Crni_Drachen on April 19, 2017.

The map of Ruminian Union

Most of RU cities are built by individual citizens and thus are not really populated by themselves.

Republic of Faryagrad

  • Faryagrad - formerly known as Anhud's Scrapyard; capital of RU. Can be reached by the netherrail, NEAR lines. Located in southern Ur Jungle.
  • Pumba-city - located on a platform in Tropical Sea; was meant to be modern-styled. Currently inactive.
  • Mussoliniburg - a small fortress-like town built by KROLant. Located south of Pumba-city.
  • Kpanepogorsk - a state built by 3JIou_Kpunep. The only building - the city hall - was destroyed by him in November 2016.


  • Anhud
  • Pumba
  • KROLant
  • Sdir01

Territories of Perdyusheno and Zaperdyushie

  • Perdyusheno - most “populated” and oldest RU settlement. Can be found in a forest south to Techtopia.Now it is abandoned/
  • Zaperdyushie - Perdyushino's suburbs located to the west. Currently actively expanding by Nightdanger, CryWolf_YT and naswai.


  • Nightdanger
  • Naswai
  • CryWolf_YT
  • a shitton of inactive people

Autonomic State of Novi Beograd and Drachenica

  • Novi Beograd - large commieblock city built and governed by Crni_Drachen; main RU industrial area. Located in plains south-east of Farygrad.
  • Drachenica - small yew village which was discovered and claimed by Crni_Drachen.


  • Crni_Drachen
  • Qwych
  • Yews

Autonomic State of Vitlevsk

  • Vitlevsk - a city built by WheatleyMyFriend, notable for being hugely based off real-life buildings. Located in plains south of Faryagrad. Features some farms built by Nightdanger.


  • WheatleyMyFriend
  • Yews. Thousands of them.

Eastern Desert

  • Charmesville - TheGexon38's village, considered a neutral partially independent state. Located in a desert north of Ur Jungle.
  • MGP village - Azalilil's town located east of Charmesville.


  • TheGexon38
  • Azalilil
  • Zorreta


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  1. Naswai
  2. Lektorr
  3. Anhud
  4. Allexx
  5. Gevorg2012
  6. TrueMemer (Warsouz)
  7. MegaZerg
  8. CrashBoy
  9. FriendlyWithMeat
  10. Crni_Drachen
  11. iVAN2002
  12. Nightdanger
  13. CryWolf_YT
  14. KROLant
  15. Anatolgol
  16. South_Park
  17. WheatleyMyFriend
  18. Qwych
  19. Zorreta
  20. TheGexon38
  21. Azalilil
  22. 3JIou_Kpunep
  23. Kolo
  24. BlueMoshka
  25. DXYVAD
  26. Avex
  27. Pumba


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  1. WheatleyMyFriend
  2. Crni_Drachen
  3. Anhud
  4. PIXhedgie
  5. sancomarasan
  6. PsychoChered
  7. Nightdanger
  8. Azalilil
  9. Zorreta
  10. CryWolf_YT

In 2014 the only RU village - Perdyusheno - was founded and leaded by Naswai, but not much is remembered about that, and Naswai himself has been gone for a long time now. Actual government appeared in summer 2016, during Russian Purges. MegaZerg was chosen as the leader for his strategic skills and ability to bring most of the population together, and with him the 4th battle was finally won by RU. In November 2016 a few conflicts led to MegaZerg leaving RU, and founding a new clan - Tea Sanctuary Empire. With that, WheatleyMyFriend, Crni_Drachen and Anhud decided on being the new equal leaders as the most active people of the clan.

On 6th January, 2017, peoples from both clans said about their interest in turning back in RMCA, which idea is been liked by TSE leader MegaZerg, but he said that he will do that only if RMCA will make him a leader again. After many hours of discussion, all questions is been solved and RMCA leader WheatleyMyFriend agreed with all MegaZerg's conditions, peoples from TSE reunited in RMCA and MegaZerg is turned back as RMCA another leader. After that “reunion”, Rumine Union got Hinamizawa, Western Rumland and RUM.

Perdyushino and Rumine Union overall always were communist, so almost no trading was really done. There is a market in Perdyushino and some shops owned by Anhud, but they can be counted as non-functioning. RU appears to be rich in some natural resources such as clay or jungle wood, having easy access to swamps and Ur Jungle respectively.

Culture of ruminians is based on the old legends, USSR stuff and some youtube memery - like GOPNIK TV and Ystyk Pishter SHOW. Some of the meme stuff can be learned in GOPNIK TV museum in Farygrad.

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