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People who have contributed (graphically): greenkitten, K_Chris, Shakomatic, caBst, mazznoff, koinucian, areteee and v1adimirr

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May 14th version

Okay guys I've taken suggestions, I have compiled a few versions of the edits you guys have done. I believe I have fixed a few lines, but keep in mind this isn't chronological. There are still typos (please tell me if you see any.) A couple flags have been updated, new nations/settlements added. I have changed the number format to a date format so that it is easier to keep track of. I don't want to seem controlling but I have the photoshop file with all the individual aspects of the tree all properly named and with lots of ordnung so it would be appreciated if you didn't replace the version at the top of the page and left your edits here in this section, that way I know it is an edit and we don't have 200 different versions floating around the wiki I'm looking at you v1ad. A few gripes I've had with some of other's edits is that you are crossing lines when they aren't supposed to connect (if you have to cross a line and are making an edit please 'jump' the lines by adding a distinctive semi-circle over the line it is crossing), please use the full resolution when you are making an edit, the current size of the image is 5000×5000 pixels, and for fuck's sake add a signature to your comments. Thanks for helping out — greenkitten 2013/05/14 11:49

Ethnic Groups

Previous versions

version 14.88

version 14.88

Chat logs

(8:30:28 PM) greenkitten: so what are the majot gripes, no Bremen, no taibei, typos and uganda line is fucked?
(8:30:44 PM) Tangaloa: Uganda flag too
(8:31:03 PM) Nexusmann: Also wtf with lakota
(8:31:24 PM) Nexusmann: They didn't secede from Korea town
(8:31:37 PM) Nexusmann: They were annexed iirc
(8:32:02 PM) Tangaloa: no hamburg
(8:32:14 PM) Nexusmann: As well as birch island
(8:32:25 PM) Tangaloa: or londonabad
(8:32:30 PM) Nexusmann: Also oymyakon and astonia
(8:22:27 PM) PPA: Kijima is the successor state of the GAM though
(8:22:30 PM) PPA: Mystia said so
(8:21:44 PM) kiatomaran|IRC: eisenbach was founded during gam's existence
(8:17:38 PM) PPA: Rhodesian Nieuw Walschor should rather come out of the HBE
(8:17:46 PM) PPA: next to the Kriegstein Consortium
(8:18:02 PM) Koinu: and tsardom of breshik is not connected to breshik
(8:20:56 PM) PPA: NW's flag does not have a nordic cross
(8:21:00 PM) PPA: the cross is in the middle ;_;
(8:31:38 PM) greenkitten: there are a few typos
(8:32:19 PM) greenkitten: and Tangaloa is having some concerns with the Uganda lines
(8:32:55 PM) greenkitten: so I will get caBst and him to talk it out and decipher what really was the order

wiki comments
Okay guys post anything you want to see sorted below I will try fix them up — greenkitten 2013/05/08 12:44

I'd added the Templars of 1.8 ( founded by Rushkaball who lead Astonia-Vostok in 1.7, some Kurwans, and myself, who was Badfacian at the time ) and Ender. — hino 2013/05/08 13:43

we should add a little high school and show the condeurans coming out of it

Bremen should be very slightly below Perkele. I demand that the lines of Bremen are made straight again. If Hinoarashi provokes Bremen any further it shall face its full wrath. An arrow leading from Bremen to Eisenbach may be added.

Your revision was sloppy, unorganized, outdated and the resolution was too small. As a result of my kindness, I had to realign, add content and draw you a new Bremen ball within the correct resolution. Do it yourself. — hino 2013/05/13 00:47

This graph became the new definition of unnecessairly complex, damn. Also, KS is not a consortium anymore, it's a Consulate. t. Dragonbro

-Added North Kurwa, Katynsk, Taibei. Made minor changes to reflect chronology and relationship status. Also fucked up the ordnung of some of the lines, you can fix that if it bothers you. — vlad 2013/05/14 02:44

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