Nation of Condeura

Nation of Condeura
Capital Westerfell
Official Languages English
Demonyn Condeurian
Government Democratic Republic
Leaders High Council
Grand Diplomat AWildVulpix
High Warden ddpl
General Kitty4fun
Chairman Maxledeba
Establishment 4-19-2016
Population 5

Conduera is run by an elected council of four individuals referred to as Councillors. Each Councillor fills a specific role, as well as holding a general purpose as lawmaker. The High Council does not hold regular elections, but can be removed from their positions by decision of the rest of the Council, or otherwise by a petition held by the general populace.

Grand Diplomat

The Grand Diplomat of Condeura, a position currently held by AWildVulpix, is in charge of foreign relations. Their primary purpose is to communicate with the leaders of other nations, report the status of foreign occurrences to the Council, and promote law that would improve the relations with foreign nations.

High Warden

The High Warden of Condeura, a position currently held by ddpl, is in charge of ensuring law enforcement and safety inside Condeura. Their primary purpose consists of bringing infractions on law to the attentions of the Council, as well as promoting law that furthers the well being of society within Condeura.


The General of Condeura, a position currently held by Kitty4fun, is in charge of military matters. Their primary purpose is to ensure the maintaining of an armory, as well as communicating with the other Councillors on matters of war and military. In particular, the General should communicate with the Grand Diplomat about nations with which Condeura maintains an uneasy relationship, or when conducting peace treaties.


The Chairman of Condeura, a position currently held by Maxledeba, is in charge of planning and coordinating Council matters. Their primary purpose is to ensure that law is carried out amongst the Council as should be, and that the proper process for lawmaking is followed. They are also in charge of maintaining the National Archives. They should strive to promote law that keeps the Councillors balanced in power, and prevents the Council from achieving too much power.

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