Empire of Shekelstanממון אימפריה
Shekelstani borders at founding
Capital Shekelstan Isle, Sainte-Marie
Official Languages English
Demonyn Shekelstani
Government Elective Monarchy
Leader Emperor Joxhox
Establishment 1st of June 2020
Population ~5
Abbreviation SS

The First Empire of Shekelstan, a union of Kurfürsten loyal to their emperor, who is then again to their service bound. The empire is based in the northern mesa and the Tyrrhenian sea that divide its two landmasses.

Early history

The area was founded as an opportunity to prosper on the new map Harmonia. The early history is that of the settlement Shekelstan, built to prosper on gold mining. Here, the ambition was to grow in unison with the beautiful terrain from which the early Shekelstani toiled for their wealth. From the first foundation stones, the Shekelstani have been concerned with both the art of engineering and architecture and have thus created great works of both practical and aestethic nature.

Religious tension

The founders of Shekelstan have always been divided in religious questions: While JoxHox gains powers from the dominion of Moloch, Speermen confesses a strong Catholic faith (although he has not even read Augustine). Thus the small Shekelstan Isle quickly became home of two temples: A Pentagram and Sacrificial Altar devoted to Lord Moloch, and the Church of Sainte-Marie. For a small period, Jox was banned for… recieving gifts from Moloch, which meant that Speermen was the sole legislator of the Isle. He banned Moloch worship, but soon allowed it again when JoxHox came back. In the same period the third founder, Krille3, actually did something useful instead and built a harbor on the mesa mainland.


The three founders always wanted to found a nation. When nation autism was opened, Speermen proposed a constitution to the nation and soon after he got his fat arse to work and declared the Empire with Him, JoxHox and Krille3 as Kurfürsten and with himself as the first Emperor.

Shekelstan is centered on Mare Tyrrhenum, with an eastern and western continent. Between these Shekelstani Island lies with its beautifully terraformed red cliffs and forests.


Shekelstan Island

Foundational laws

Rewarding building activity, the political system of Shekelstan is based upon ownership of settlements: If one independently owns a settlement, he is viable to being granted the title of Kurfürst by the emperor (of course, this is not a right, but a privilege bestowed by the grace of the Crown) A majority of the Kurfürsten can independently of the incumbent Emperor choose another Emperor amongst themselves. In these matters the Emperor is also considered a Kurfürst and counts towards the gathering in which a majority must form. The Emperor can not be dethroned by majority opposition, but only by majority support for another Candidate.

To keep religious issues from ruining their great Empire, Speermen suggested that all religions held amongst the citizens be allowed. This gives them right of worship, practice and construction of temples. Speermen further suggested the religion of the Emperor be State religion. A new Emperor can thus freely choose a coronation ceremony in accordance with their religion and assign a Royal Temple as center of Official Worship. Finally, Speermen suggested that all religions foreign to the citizens of Shekelstan can simply eff off.

At the proposition granted the future Kurfürsten, these laws were accepted.

Through his personal capital JoxHox, managed to steer global trade towards gold as currency. Speermen has begun devising a banking scheme securing both stable values of gold and great national gains. JoxHox is responsible for about 99,99% of Shekelstani GDP.

Culture mostly consists of architecture, horticulture and noteblock composition of 2000's techno… As well as the glorious national anthem:

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