County of Klamdau

County of Klamdau
Location 1090 X, -775 Z
Local Languages German
Demonyn Klamdorfer
Government Monarchy
Leader P_P_A
Establishment 10th December 2013
Population 1

The County of Klamdau, nestled between the Klamdau River, the Rucheim Mountains, and the Alder Sea, is P_P_A's settlement in Alpha's Realm. At its centre lies the village of Klamdorf; supplied by the fertile lowlands downstream, and a commercial forest south over a bridge.


On the second day of the new server, P_P_A headed towards the northeast of the map, where he had caught glimpses of a sea—the Alder Sea. He settled first on Walschor Island, and invited his old neighbours MystiaLorelei and Koinucian to live nearby. The area now occupied by the County of Klamdorf was first settled by Koinu, as evidenced by a few watchtowers and houses still dotting its forest; while P_P_A erected his first house on the left side of the Klamdau. Two days later, they decided to switch places, as P_P_A was awed by the natural majesty of the Rucheim peaks, and desired to build a German village at their feet. P_P_A's house of the server was moved across the river, and became the nucleus of Klamdorf.


Driven by the pressure to secure his land against new players and shitbuilders who might settle nearby, P_P_A initially neglected the construction of his village to focus on the development of the periphery. The lowlands by the sea were cleared of forest to make way for fields and pastures, shadowed by a windmill likening the one on the Myropa Islands. A bridge was built over a branch of the Klamdau delimiting the village to the south and east, and the forest south of it became an important source of wood. Further bridges and a road network linking Klamdorf to Ascunse Pădure and Winterlyn were added, the foundation of a small castle lodged on a plateau at the side of the Rucheim Mountains was laid, and a château built in the southern forest.

Hostilities with the Breshikans

For weeks, the Klamdorf delta had been quiet. The County of Klamdorf maintained good relations with the befriended settlements of Ascunse Padure on the left bank of the Klamdau, Dynamiburg, and Winterlyn farther east. King Nils I of Winterlyn and P_P_A agreed on borders which, though invalid by server low, they both vowed to respect. Due to the remote location, the region also saw little immigration from the spawn.
This era of peace came to an end when a group of Breshikans, led by Shakomatic, relocated to the region, and settled on the other side of the Rucheim peaks as vassals of Winterlyn. From the first day of their arrival, the Breshikans came into conflict with their neighbours. What began with failed attempts to convince the Klamdorfers of certain unwanted infrastructure projects escalated when the Breshikans of Karak Khaldun showed contempt for the ancient Klamdau–Winterlyn borders, and began to aggressively assert a claim to the whole of the Rucheim Mountains, in violation of the agreement with King Nils. Attempts by the King and Count P_P_A to reconcile, which usually showed promise, were time and time again thwarted by Shakomatic's violations of Klamdauer sovereignty and jingoistic behaviour.
The situation escalated when Breshikans dug a channel through what had been considered Klamdauer periphery, and defined it as the new border between the two settlements. In response, the Klamdorfer built a wall atop the snowy peaks of the Rucheim, at the cost of some lives lost to Breshikan attackers. The status of the mountains remains disputed, but tensions have since relaxed, and both sides have learned to live with the status quo.

Destruction of Klamdorf

Klamdorf after the Battle of Karak Khaldun

Tensions between Karak Khaldun and the Republic of Ender, which the County of Klamdorf had maintained diplomatic relations with in the face of Dwarven aggression, escalated on the night of the 25th of January into open warfare. Klamdau was not involved in the battle, but it would bear a brunt of the war's damages. Roving bands of Enderian Wither-mercenaries sacked Klamdau in the middle of the night, while its people were sound asleep, leaving in their wake only destruction. Many became homeless as their houses had been razed, and the villagers' lifestock was wholly slaughtered.
The next morning, the damage was discovered and rolled back, and everyone moved on with their lives.

The County of Klamdau is located on the eastern side of the alluvial fan of the Klamdau river's delta. Lodged firmly on the river's right bank, it stretches from the Alder Sea in the north deep into the forest in the south; to the east, it is limited by the mighty Rucheim mountains, along whose peaks the county's eastern border runs.
Once densely forested, much of the woods covering the county has been cleared to reveal a very flat terrain profile, ideal for construction and agriculture. The fertile soil of the northern lowlands are covered in fields and grazed by cattle and sheep herds.

At the heart of the county lies Klamdorf, a small, rural village erected in a half-timbered style reminiscent of the German Rhineland. Farther south, nestled in a small valley in the forest, is Schloß Blumsee, a small château used as a retreat by P_P_A. Planned projects include the further development of the coast, and the completion of the construction of Beilstein Mansion in the mountains.

The county's economy is mostly based on serf labour. It produces a variety of agricultural products, lumber, and its mining activities have accumulated modest wealth, allowing it to import construction materials from Altschwabenland or Enton regularly.


German with traces of the settlers' Myropean heritage.

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