Socialist Republic of GribostanСоциалистическая республика Грибостан
Capital Gribostan
Official Languages Russian
Demonyn Gribostanian
Government Democratic Socialism
Leader G21_JARTOP (de facto, de jure still Urfin)
Establishment 29th of December, 2021
Population 8
Abbreviation SRG
Motto Workers of the world, unite!

Socialist Republic of Gribostan is a nation of some Russian commies, ruled by a democratical socialist regime.

Before /int/

Originally, Gribostan was founded on some lame ass Aternos server, where Urfin played together with his real-life friends. Server had no rules expect “no cheating”, and so Urfin struggled to maintain the nation together in a series of conflicts and wars, with the base being griefed and moved several times. When the dust finally settled and Gribostan had a chance for peace, an election was held. Urfin lost to NewtonSava and together with G21_JARTOP was exiled from the nation. But shortly after population got very unhappy with leadership of Sava, and switched sides back to Urfin.

Meanwhile the server pretty much died. Urfin suddenly remembered about Krautchan /int/, where he played several years before, and led his people here.

Settlement of Gribostan

In late December, 2021 Urfin and G21 started the construction of what will grow to be the nation's capital. Several key buildings were done, and with that, Urfin accepted Rickroll's invitation to join Slavia, a russian-speaking tsardom that is not that far away from Gribostan. But Rick's rule, mainly his judjement of Gribostan architecture, very quickly grew unpopular among people of Gribostan, and so Urfin started preparing a revolt.

War of Independence

Gribostan seceded from with Slavia on 29th of December, when some fucking unknown rat snitched Rickroll found out about Urfins intended revolt and declared war on him. The first battle of the war was extremely destructive, with withers obliterating several builds and farms. But nevertheless, in the end Rick admitted defeat in the battle and retreated, although refusing to accept peace conditions, offered by Urfin right away. But on January 5th, Rickroll and Urfin signed a peace treaty, in which Slavia granted independence to Gribostan.

The Golden Age

January of 2022 was very succesful for Gribostan. The nation's population grew, new foundations were laid, and the capital city expanded. G21_JARTOP finished the greatest project of the nation so far - a blackstone/deepslate castle on a hill. The economy has recovered from the consequences of war and is thriving and independent in terms of necessities and other useful stuff. Also, people of the nation were quite succesful during MegaRaids and other events, earning priceless rewards and unique items, strenghtening the nation even further.

Second War with Slavia

On January 29th, 2022 Urfin decided that terms of peace are not adequate to relative powers of Slavia and Gribostan and issued a response ultimatum to Rickroll, which was declined. Two nations are currently at war and some minor skirmishes, particulary with sxiv, are happening sometimes, but no major battle have taken place so far. But the lull did not last long. First G21 notices sxiv on the residents' farm. The subsequent battle did not bring any results. No one died. However, on February 18, 2022, the battle for Gribostan begins, as a result of which several people were killed, a serious blow was inflicted on the infrastructure of both the city of Gribostan and all adjacent territories, as well as on all three cities of Slavia, and all thanks to a ton of withers, furnaces and quick hands of each of the participants. As a result of some drama within the nation, G21_JARTOP became an new leader and signed a peace treaty between Slavia and Gribostan.

City of Gribostan

Gribostan is located in a birch forest with some ass of a terrain. This means that each new construction requires terraforming and tree-chopping first. Borders conveniently happen to be along the rivers and lakes, making defence significantly easier in the event of invasion. Some kind of walls were built for defence purposes, aswell as a castle on the hill.

Weapon testing site

Seeking to improve Gribostan's strength, Urfin set up a training ground, which is currently used by nation's military for both training and weapon testing purposes. A small ugly cobblestone castle was constructed there to imitate a scenario of siege combat.

FROST1's Outpost

FROST1 was temporarily exiled from Gribostan as a suspected traitor and for general disobedience/being a dick. He built a small settlement to the north of Gribostan. When FROST was proven innocent, he got accepted back into Gribostan's ranks, and his settlement got incorporated into the nation.

Red Light District

Next to the Frost's outpost is the so-called “Red Light District”. It consists of several Japanese-Chinese style houses. The idea of its creation belongs to two players: NewtonSavaYT and yeruzo. The project is currently under construction.

The Unnamed Forest

After an hour long debate the subject of which was the forest's name ended indecisively, the forest got the name of Unnamed Forest. This forest is a national nature reserve, which means that the cutting of birch trees is strictly prohibited there.

The Flying Mountain

Another ambitious project of G21_JARTOP, The Flying Mountain is a network of islands, floating in the air lifted by power of socialistic ideas. The project is finally completed.


Middle-earth is a territory not yet occupied by various buildings. But for how long, no one knows.

Gribostan is, as opposed to Slavia, a democratic socialist republic, meaning that all the means production of the nation belong exclusively to people, to avoid exploitation and wealth inequality. The nation is governed by a democraticaly elected leader, avoiding stagnation and ensuring progress and justice. Gribostan has obtained independence from Slavia on January 5th, 2022. Two nations are currently at peace.


Gribostan has a parliament, in assembleys of which every citizen can participate if he wishes, thus making Gribostan a Direct Democracy. Parliament makes most of the nations decisions by the majority vote and has a final word on laws, promotions and citizenships. People are free to create political parties, however at the moment of writing this there is currently only one - The Socialist Party of Gribostan.

The People's Commissariats

The executive branch of government exists in form of people's commissariats. They are led by People's Comissars, whose candidacies are proposed by the head of the state and approved by parliament. Currently, the following people's commissars are in office:

G21_JARTOP as a People's Comissar of Defence.

noone as a People's Comissar of Foreign affairs.

noone as a People's Comissar of Internal affairs.

FROST1 as a People's Commissar for Economics and Socialist Development.

SATOU228922 as a People's Commissar of Education and Propaganda.

The economy of Gribostan at the beginning of the war was growing and modernizing, but as a result of a battle involving withers several important buildings and farms were damaged and knocked out of service. This led to economic stagnation and return of mining as primary source of income. However, vital military infrastructure remained untouched, leading to people of the nation still being capable of continuing their war against oppressors.

It was rebuilt and developed further during the Golden Age of the nation.

The culture of Gribostan is heavily inspired by that of Soviet Union, glorifying the working class and encouraging its struggle.

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